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Awk Awk
Awk Awk.jpg
Empire Neutral logo.png Neutral
Overlord No
Energy ?
Cooldown ?
Description ?

Awk Awk is a Commander in Space Tyrant.

Power[edit | edit source]

Awk Awk has a power called ( T. B. F. I. L. ) It allows them to mimic a enemy commander's power.

Strategies[edit | edit source]

Trivia and additional notes[edit | edit source]

As far as the Tyrant Command is aware, There is NO HOMOVIAN (AVIAN Species of the Genus Homo) Species located in any kind of clan or central gathering community on ANY of the KNOWN central planets. At least not within Known Tyrant Command's vast records. This would suggest that commander Awk Awk is either A) a genetic experiment gone wrong, or B) The last

vestiges of a now extinct race, or at least one who's planet has been destroyed to to warring between barbaric tribal races or a Massive operation to bring "Harmony to the Galaxy!" (Most likely performed by the Senate. they have a tendency to sweep, "Lesser's" under the rug, in order to make more room for the majority).

Little details about Commander Awk Awk's clothing & attire give way to thoughts that they might have originally been a soldier or even possibly royalty to some such form of a now scattered people. As they seem to be most comfortable uniting under Hoplite Clans commanders, one might go so far as to suggest that, they might hail from the same planet as the Hoplite. Possibly more of a arid region, as this would explain their baggy clothing as well as the little finely placed jewelry they were. Not typically different from desert traders & the like. There is of course always more to learn. But whatever the truth may be, previous attempts by agents of Tyrant Command to learn more have only resulted in growing number of body bags & "KIA Statistics" Sadly,the truth may never be fully restored, or known...