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Glory to the Great Leader! The brainwashed masses of the Union are an unbeatable workforce, but poor army.
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The Bzzerk Union is one of the playable empires in Space Tyrant. They are a hivemind of mechanized bees that focus on swarming the enemy with cheap disposable fighters.

The Bzzerk Union can be unlocked by winning the game with the Hoplite Clans for the first time.

Strengths and weaknesses[edit | edit source]

Strengths Weaknesses
Increased economy (homeworld has 100 income) Weak invasion die (0-5 as opposed to 1-6)
Large fleets (Fleet sizes are 1 level larger than other empires) Weak ships
Cheap ships

Overlords[edit | edit source]

BZZZT[edit | edit source]

He is the first Commander you get with the new "BZZERK UNION" clan. The BZZERK UNION is unlocked upon finally kicking ass & achieving GALACTIC DOMINATION of the entire galaxy with the help of the Hoplite Clans that you only had access to previously.

Like all Commanders in the Hoplite Clans, Bzzzt has a special power all of his, (Her? IT'S ?? They're like hive drones right? so uh, IT'S ! YES. DEFINITELY IT'S !!) own. It's a power called, "Skirmish Line" Using it, steadily increases the power of your ships in the

front line. But the Front Line Only ! After you have leveled Bzzzt up for the first time, His power changes it's title to "Growing Threat". Now it works the same as before. But for the 1st & 2nd lines! With each level up, this increases to a maximum of three.


  • Hummer: Earn 50.000 Credits.
  • K'Klack: Win 10 Missions.

Ships[edit | edit source]

Capital Ships[edit | edit source]

Capital ships are unlocked by:

  • Battlehships: Capture 50 cities
  • Dreadnaughts: Build 100 carriers

Stats[edit | edit source]

Ship Weapon Damage Fire Rate Health Shields Evasion Cost
Bzzerk frigate.png Frigate Beam 54 7s 125 30 15
Bzzerk destroyer.png Destroyer Blaster 27 5s 312 20 30
Bzzerk cruiser.png Cruiser Beam 100 7s 450 10 60
Bzzerk carrier.png Carrier - - - 475 10 80
Bzzerk battleship.png Battleship Blaster 204 5s 1062 200 5 120
Bzzerk dreadnaught.png Dreadnaught Blaster 270 5s 1500 375 5 220

Cards[edit | edit source]

Base[edit | edit source]

1 Clever Deal
+20 Credits and +1 Card.
2 Combat Simulation
Increase a fleet leader's XP by 1.
2 Deep Space Probe
Reveal a planet and its neighbors.
2 Drone Escort
Add 2 Destroyers to a fleet.
2 Embargo Goods
Random adjacent world takes up to 2 damage. Will not capture.
1 Insider Trading
Gain 15% of current Credits
2 Insight
+2 Cards.
2 Labor Camp
+10 Credit income on any planet
1 Landing Party
Allows an additional planet exploration
2 Mad Science
Gain 1 Tech at random.
1 Mineral Deposit
+40 Credits
1 One for the Team
Sacrifice a random ship to do 2 damage to a sieged planet
2 Propaganda
+5 Tyranny
2 Recall
Teleport a fleet back to your homeworld.
2 Reserve Tank
Allow a spent fleet to move again.
2 Scapegoat
-2 Unrest.
1 Strike Patrol
Add 2 Frigates to a fleet.
2 Tachyon Torpedoes
Destroy 2 enemy ships.
3 Tariffs Drone
+5 Credit income per starlane on a City
1 Tightened Grip
+25 Credits/Turn for 4 turns.

Unlocks[edit | edit source]

3 Automated Factory
Add the Industrialized ability to a City planet you control.
2 Blind Loyalty
+20% Damage and -10 Evasion for 2 turns
5 Breeding
Duplicate every light ship in a fleet.
3 Carrier Command
Add 1 Carrier to a fleet.
3 Civic Works
Gain +15 Credit income for -3 Defense at any planet
1 Clever Deal II
+40 Credits and +2 Cards.
3 Cloning Vats
Revive the least wounded fleet commander.
3 Colonize
Convert any planet to a City planet.
2 Correct Thought
Reduces Unrest by 20%
4 Crushing Taxation
+50 Credits for each planet you control.
3 Cult of Personality
+10 Tyranny
2 Cybernetic Thrall
Lab gains +2 Research income
2 Drone Escort II
Add 3 Destroyers to a fleet.
2 Embargo Goods II
Random adjacent world takes up to 3 damage. Will not capture.
3 Eureka
Gain 1 Tech.
3 Hostile Takeover
Deal 1 Damage to a sieged world for every 50 income you control
2 Labor Camp II
+15 Credit income on any planet
3 Leader Worship
+20 Credits, +2 Research, and +1 Card.
2 Mass Production
Add 1 Cruiser to a fleet for every City planet you control.
4 Nerve Stapling
Reduces Unrest by 30%
5 Ordered Society
+30 Credits, +3 Research, +2 Def on any planet
4 Overtime
-10% Ship Cost this turn
3 Precise Tuning
+1 Crystal for 3 turns
2 Renewed Assault
Allow a planet to be sieged again.
1 Sequenced Memory
+2 Research and +1 Card.
1 Strike Patrol II
Add 4 Frigates to a fleet.
3 Suppress Dissent
+3 Def and interrupts any active Rebellion
3 Wingman
Carriers get +1 Fighter this turn.