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Commanders are the character associated with each Fleet. The commander determines the ability that each fleet will have, and their rank determines that fleet's maximum size.

Commanders gain 1 xp each time they win a battle. Certain Artifacts and Cards can also award xp.

Acquiring commanders[edit | edit source]

You start each mission with a single commander, the Overlord you selected for that mission. Additional commanders can be acquired by conquering a Prison world for the first time. The commanders rescued from prison planets can be one of the neutral commanders or one of the empire overlords. Overlords acquired this way do not unlock for later use, and do not have their schemes.

A single militia commander can be hired from your homeworld for 300 credits, and there are perks that can allow more militia to be hired.

Bzzzt has a scheme that can summon K'Klack as a commander after losing 4 space battles.

List of commanders[edit | edit source]

Hoplite Clans[edit | edit source]

Bzzerk Union[edit | edit source]

Techno Slug Party[edit | edit source]

Astron Republic[edit | edit source]

Neutral[edit | edit source]