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Exploration is the process of exploring a planet for a chance to get a random event. Planets are explored upon being captured, and certain cards can allow additional explorations.

The events from exploration will usually come with choices. These choices will either have a percent chance at different outcomes, but some will have "do nothing" options.


Traits[edit | edit source]

Traits are extra tags on your overlord that unlock new options in certain exploration events. Traits can be acquired based on your choices in other events, sometimes even when you get the "bad" outcome. Traits have no value outside of these events. Traits can be levelled up by receiving an outcome that grants a trait that you already have, and some outcomes require these levelled up traits.

Traits are permanent across a campaign, but reset when you start a new one.

Disasters[edit | edit source]

Main article: Disasters

Disasters are rare special events that are similar to exploration events, but happen at the beginning of your turn and take several turns to resolve. Certain traits can make disasters more manageable by giving you an option to lessen their blow.

List of events[edit | edit source]

This list is incomplete. You can help by expanding it.

This list assumes that the percent chance of each outcome is equivalent to its size on the slider bar.

Outcomes that involve credits, research, tyranny, or destroyed ships are not exact amounts, as the actual amount is a range. The number is present to give a general idea of how much to expect.

Abandoned Fleet[edit | edit source]

You discover an alien fleet abandoned at this location for untold years.

  • (5 Tyranny) Search for salvage.
    • 10% Deep Hold (Artifact) - Deep in the holds of an unremarkable ship, your engineers find an Artifact of mysterious power.
    • 50% Scavenger (+32 Credits) - You sell the scrap for some quick credits.
    • 25% Nuke (Atomic Atrocity card) - Exploring what appears to be a massive ordinance bay, your engineers discover a bomb that is still intact. It should prove useful against troublesome planets.
    • 15% Explosion! (2 ships destroyed) - Exploring a massive ordinance bay, your engineers trigger an atomic bomb, sending shrapnel into your fleet.
  • (5 Research) Inspect the computers.
    • 20% ???
    • 50% Map (New Trait: Curious, Recall card) - You find a galactic map, giving you insight into quick travel home.
    • 10% ???
    • 20% Toast (New Trait: Curious) - The computers are completely fried.
  • Nuke it!
    • 75% Fireworks (New Trait: Destructive) - Pieces of the fleet ignite in brilliant colors as they are consumed by massive fusion explosions!
    • 25% ???

Ancient Master[edit | edit source]

On a dilapidated space station, you find an ancient alien wearing a threadbare naval uniform. Given the number of medals on it, the alien has clearly seen countless campaigns in space.

  • (30 Credits): Offer it fine Space Brandy.
    • 75% Cheers (+1 XP) - The Ancient Master's eyes twinkle with delight and it tells you many tales of its exploits. Much is hyperbole but you do learn a great deal.
    • 25% Recovering
  • Tell it a tale of your exploits.
    • 50% Fascinated (+1 xp) - Tales of space sharks and planetary bombings invigorates the Master, prompting many interesting tales of its own. You learn many things.
    • 50% Dozes Off (+4 Tyranny) - You launch into a series of rousing tales, only to find the master has fallen asleep. Apparently your exploits weren't that interesting after all.
  • Throw it in the Pain Booth.
    • 33% Back Away (nothing) - As your guards approach the Ancient Master laughs dryly and reveals an armed thermonuclear grenade. Clearly this is not its first rodeo - you back away slowly.
    • 66% Amusement (+2 Tyranny) - Burly guards strong arm the alien into the Pain Booth, but no useful information is extracted. Always fun to throw people in the Booth tho!

Ancient Vault[edit | edit source]

Scouring some asteroids you find an ancient vault belonging to some forgotten culture The locks are too bizarre and intricate to open by conventional means.

  • Curious 3: Try to decipher the puzzle on the door.
    • 60% Loot: Artifact helm (item)
    • 20% ???
    • 20% ???
  • Mine through the asteroid.
    • 66% Boobytrap! (-11 Tyranny) - Unable to breach the walls, your engineers tunnel through the asteroid and into the floor of the vault. Stepping inside you catch a glimpse of strange wonders before being caught in a blinding explosion!
    • 33% ???
  • Open fire on the doors.
    • 33% Loot! (Artifact; new trait: Destructive) - A concerted attack shatters the mighty doors of the vault and destroys almost all the contents. Among the rubble you find one item still pulsing with power.
    • 67% Slug Attack! (Space Slug released; new trait: Destructive) - A concerted attack shatters the mighty doors of the vault. At that moment a roar sounds from within as a dread Space Slug blasts free from its eon-long captivity!
  • Leave
    • 100% (nothing) - There's no way of knowing what kind of secrets or terrors this alien empire sealed away so long ago. Better to let sleeping dogs lie.

Androids Part II[edit | edit source]

Requires having encountered Underground Androids

A Well remembered energy signature comes up from the planet and you land to find the androids who earlier escaped you. They stand before you impassively.

  • (50 Credits) Bribe them to stay put.
    • 33% Shut Out (nothing) - They calmly state that they have all the resources they need and slam shut the gates. No amount of prying or blasting can seem to open them again.
    • 66% Hidden Potential (planet improvement?) - The ever efficient androids fan out over the planet and quickly reveal its hidden potential.
  • Threaten them again.
    • 40% ???
    • 40% Grudging Offer (+1 tech, +1 card) - Not wanting to flee again, the androids finally relent and take your threats seriously. Your scientists gain great knowledge from their ways.
    • 20% Shut Out (nothing) - Prepared for this inevitability, they slam down a pair of impressive blast doors. No amount of prying or blasting can seem to open them again.

Artifacts Roadshow[edit | edit source]

  • Kill them and take their stuff!
    • 60% Trinkets (+26 Credits) - It's mostly junk but a few items are worth some credits.
    • 10% ?
    • 20% Paupers (nothing) - They had nothing of value.
  • (50 Credits) Haggle with them over their artifacts
    • 33% Loot! (Artifact) - A shiny artifact catches your eye and with some haggling you earn your prize.
    • 66% Fake (nothing) - Careful analysis of the artifact reveals that its a fake. You've been bamboozled!
  • Go on Artifacts Roadshow
    • 66% Tricked (new trait: Mogul) - The merchants trick you, leaving you with nothing.
    • 33% Collector (+6 Tyranny, new trait: Mogul) - A galaxy sees a different side of, improving your reputation.

Asteroid Fields Forever[edit | edit source]

Unable to track all the debris in this system, you receive no warning as asteroids begin slamming your fleet. Each moment brings more danger as the size and speed of the impacts increases!

  • Endure it
    • 100% Endure It (-3 ships) - Asteroid storms are a fact of life in space - dodging them is pointless. Your fleet endures the storm but some ships are lost.
  • Punch the engines!
    • 50% Shredded (3-5 ships destroyed) - Engines blaze to life in an effort to dodge the storm, but it only increases the relative speed of the impacts. Many ships are lost!
    • 50% Escape! (nothing) - Engines blaze to life in an effort to dodge the storm, resulting in several narrow misses but no direct hits. You made a clean escape!

Barrier Maze[edit | edit source]

One pocket of this world's digital network appears to be protected by a tremendously complex Barrier Maze. The fact that the network activity is occurring without the watchful oversight of your secret police is an offense to the empire!

  • Hacker 1: Bypass the maze (1 free tech) - Only amateurs go straight through a Barrier Maze! A clever hotwiring of key hardware and a few lines of code allow bypassing of the entire thing.
  • Enter it yourself
    • 60% Disoriented (lose 1 card, new trait: Hacker) - The Barrier Maze is exceptional - clearly designed by a master hacker. Unable to progress or even find your way back out, technicians must pull the plug causing serious disorientation.
    • 40% Determined (draw 2 cards, new trait: Hacker) - The Barrier Maze is exceptional - clearly designed by a master hacker. With skill and determination the maze is navigated and you gain many insights!
  • Assign a team
    • 50% Group Effort (+13 Research) - A team of technicians is assigned and after several determined efforts manages to penetrate the maze. The hidden network contains much interesting data.
    • 50% Send Replacements (nothing?) - A team of technicians is assigned but fails miserably and you are forced to put them all to death as an example. Progress will be difficult until replacements arrive.
  • Crash the network
    • 50% Example (+5 Tyranny) - No one keeps secrets from a Space Tyrant! Crashing the planetary network completely destroys everything and provides a valuable lesson to your subjects.
    • 50% Crashed (nothing) - No one keeps secrets from a Space Tyrant! Crashing the planetary network completely destroys both the maze and hidden network.

Blast Crater[edit | edit source]

Surrounded by the blasted and ruined buildings, you find a particularly deep crater. At its heart appears to be an alien device half-buried in the ground.

  • Pull the device out.
    • 66% BOOM! (14 ships destroyed, New Trait: Curious) - Despite the tremendous care and time placed into excavating the device, at the first touch it explodes violently. Many ships are wiped out in the blast!
    • 33% Tyrant's Delight (Annihilation Field card, New Trait: Curious) - The device turns out to be a weapon of fantastic potential. Supplied with enough power, it could destroy an entire fleet!
  • Build a power extraction complex
    • 33% Boosted (+50% Attack/HP for 4 turns) - The facility is constructed at incredible expense and safely taps into the device. With the vast power now available you are able to super charge the power cores and ammunition of the fleet!
    • 66% Bankrupt (-158 Credits) - The facility is constructed at incredible expense, but when it finally taps into the device the whole thing shorts out. You have the engineers all killed, but that won't bring back your investment.
  • Blast it from orbit.
    • 100% (nothing) - Blasting things from orbit is the only way to be sure. You count yourself lucky to have walked away from such an obviously dangerous device.

Blood Fever[edit | edit source]

Rigelian Blood Fever, the most feared plague in the 'verse, has broken out! The populace is terrified as infection runs rampant!

  • Weaponize it!
    • 50% Bioweapon (Plague Bomb card, New Trait: Plagued) Advanced bio-warfare labs are successful in weaponizing the virus. It can now be deployed at your command.
    • 35% Terror (-1 Unrest, new trait: Plagued) - None will stand against you now that you are in possession of the weaponized plague!
    • 15% Protests! (+2 Unrest) - Unable to contain the virulent disease, an entire science station is wiped out in the weaponization attempt. News of the deaths sparks anti-war protests throughout the empire!
  • Scientist 1: Collect samples for study.
    • 50% Good Samples (+26 Research) - Deadly and unstoppable, the value of this virus cannot be understated. Your scientists will be parsing the results for many years.
    • 40% Innoculation (+25 Tyranny) - After intense study, your scientists find an absurdly expensive way to protect you, not only from the Blood Fever, but many other ailments.
    • 10% Evolution! (planet gains Pacifist) - The devilish virus evolves unexpectedly, killing all the scientists and much of the population at large. Your troops refuse to set foot on the planet.
  • Quarantine the planet.
    • 66% Iron Fist (nothing) - Response to the Blood Fever must be rapid and without mercy. Many die, but the outbreak is successfully contained!
    • 33% Weakness (Planet Attribute: vulnerable) - Quarantining the virus is effective but many die and public trust is broken. Garrisons here will be far less effective.

Blood Fever Evolution[edit | edit source]

A new strain of Rigelian Blood Fever has broken out on this world! The population is panicking as existing methods of control fail.

  • (100 Credits): Hire more doctors.
    • 80% Containment (nothing) - Your efforts manage to contain the virus before it can wipe out the population.
    • 10% ?
    • 10% Breakout! A doctor becomes infected, spreading the plague to your fleet. You have to destroy a number of ships to burn out the infection. (3 ships destroyed.)
  • (20 Research): Develop treatment techniques
    • 80% Containment (nothing) - Your efforts manage to contain the virus before it can wipe out the population.
    • 10% Weakness (planet gains Vulnerable) - Your efforts manage to contain the virus before it wipes out the population but the planet is still weakened.
    • 10% ???
  • Do nothing.
    • 50% Devastation (planet gains Pacifist) - The evolved virus ravages the population. Troops can never be stationed here again lest they infect the rest of your empire.
    • 50% Breakout! (4 ships destroyed) - A crewmember becomes infected while on shore leave: you have to destroy a number of ships to burn out the infection in the fleet.

Bounty Hunter[edit | edit source]

In a distant cell block you find a renowned bounty hunter locked away. He begs for his freedom - will you grant it?

  • Demand a ransom!
    • 33% Hoodwinked (-18 Credits) - The bounty hunter eagerly accepts and promises to hand over the loot from his last job. Unfortunately, he double crosses you and escapes.
    • 66% Cash (+35 Credits) - The bounty hunter eagerly accepts and promises to hand over the loot from his last job. Keeping a wary eye on him, you get your money and part ways.
  • Employ him as a hitman.
    • 60% Called Shots (draw 2 cards) - The bounty hunter happily sets to work hounding the enemies of the empire. All your plans proceed more easily.
    • 20% Traitor (-4 Tyranny) - The bounty hunter seems good at first until you realize that he has flipped and is working for your enemies. You dispose of him at once - but not without trouble!
    • 20% Indolence - Nothing
  • Sadistic 3, Scientist 1: Experiment on him.
    • (+15Research) Gruesome mental experiments to test the bounty hunter's cunning and reflexes yield promising results!
  • Let him rot.
    • 80% Ignore (nothing) - Never trust a bounty hunter! There is a reason he was locked up in the first place.
    • 20% Escaped! (-79 Credits) - When you're back on your ship you recieve a hail from him, thanking you for the opening to escape! And also for the credits!

Burning Slum[edit | edit source]

Drawn by smoke and shouting you enter the slums which pervade this impoverished world. The source of commotion is a towering complex of overlapping hovels, wreathed in flames. What will you do?

  • Play a violin. Sadistic 2
    • (Depraved Artwork card) - Playing a jaunty tune on your space violin as the building burns inspires you to one of your greatest works!
  • Savor the experience
    • 33% ???
    • 66% Masterpiece (Depraved Artwork card) - The exquisite beauty of the flames inspires you to one of your greatest works! For some reason the peasants do not appreciate this.
  • Extinguish the fire
    • 80% Noblesse Oblige (+9 Tyranny) - Surprised at receiving any help - or even attention at all - the peasants are greatly appreciative. Tales of your largesse spread rapidly.
    • 20% ?

Camping Trip[edit | edit source]

Seeking to draw out the legendary killer who lives on this strange world, you entice a group of teenagers to camp in the nearby woods. Unable to resist such tantalizing bait, Skullface emerges from the woods to a chorus of shouts and screams.

  • Offer all the teenagers
    • 40% Gorepack (-24 Tyranny) - Skullface tears into the wailing teenagers with a relentless fury. So intense is his bloodlust that once they are all dead he turns on you!
    • 20% ?
    • 20% Silence - Relentlessly hunting down the teens, Skullface finishes them all one by one. The moon glints on his blood covered mask as he turns to face you just once, before silently turning back to the woods.
    • 20% Pleased (Unknown) - Relentlessly hunting down the teens, Skullface finishes them all one by one. The moon glints on his blood covered mask as he turns to face you and gives a silent nod. You've made a new friend!
  • Take notes
    • 33% Split up ( Sadistic 1, -7 Tyranny) - The teens split up and run away screaming. Unable to keep up with Skullface as he chases them down you must console yourself with the occasional scream that pierces the night. What a let down.
    • 33% Escape! ( Sadistic 1, +4 Unrest) - The teens split up and run away screaming. Skullface moves with blinding speed, but one still manages to escape and spread word of your complicity. The empire is outraged!
    • 17% ?
    • 17% Inspired ( Sadistic 1, Card Killing spree)
  • Sadistic 2: Bet you can kill more
    • 33%: ?
    • 17%: Loss (-100 Credits) - You desperately try to keep up but Skullface is an unchallenged master of death. You are forced to pay up!
    • 50%: Draw (Card Killing Spree) - Keeping pace, kill for kill, you finally stand alone on a bloody field across from Skullface. While you didn't win, the bloodbath inspires you upward and onward to future kills!
  • Psionic 2: Capture Skullface
    • 50% ?
    • 30% Backfire (nothing) - Such a magnificent killer can't be left to rot on this backwater! Your psionic agents spring from the woods but their energies have no effect. Skullface cares not and kills your agents and teenagers alike.
    • 20% Nothing (nothing) - Such a magnificent killer can't be left to rot on this backwater! Your psionic agents spring from the woods but their energies have no effect. Skullface slaughters the teens and then turns away, emotionless as ever.

Core Anomaly[edit | edit source]

This event only occurs on Doomed planets

Your scientists have discovered that the instability of this planet is due to an anomalous mantle-core interaction. What will you do?

  • Scientist 1: Alter the magma flow.
    • (planet loses Doomed) - You successfully alter the magma flow, saving the planet from destruction.
  • (15 Research): Science the frack out of it.
  • Nuke the core.
    • 25% Magma Shock (planet loses Doomed) - You successfully alter the magma flow, saving the planet from destruction.
    • 75% ???
  • Ignore it.

Courtesan[edit | edit source]

To ingratiate themselves, the leaders of this world present you a coveted Andromedan Courtesan. Renowned for their abilities as companions and lovers, it makes for a very tempting offer...

  • Accept the Courtesan.
    • 75% Concubine (Seduce Senator card) - You take the Courtesan on as a mate and are well pleased with the results. Clearly the skills of the Andromedans are all they claim to be!
    • 25% Bad Chemistry (-1 Crystal) - You take the Courtesan on as a mate but find the relationship lacks any chemistry. Before things can sour you send them on their way with a few trinkets.
  • Turn them away.
    • 40% Charmed - Unable to resist the charms of the Courtesan you relent and accept them as your mate. The leaders breathe a sigh of relief at your change of heart.
    • 60% Aloof (+7 Tyranny) - Tyrants have no time for love! Much to the chagrin of the Courtesan you dismiss the group with a wave of the hand. Stories of your cold heart circulate through the galaxy.
  • Extort the leaders.
    • 50% Credits (+25 Credits) - Anyone able to afford an Andromedan Courtesan must have even more stashed away. Hard nosed secret police ferret out the leader's secret caches.
    • 50% Nothing (nothing) - Anyone able to afford an Andromedan Courtesan must have even more stashed away. Hard nosed secret police search for any additional funds but come up dry.

Crystal Hermit[edit | edit source]

This event only occurs on Erratic crystal planets

Among the flicker crystals of this erratic world, you find a hermit. Gesturing spastically with a hand covered in crystal piercings, he invites you into his cave.

  • Shoot him in the face.
    • 66% Bullseye (+1 Crystals) - The hermit's face is a mask of surprise just before you vaporize it into a reddish haze. You are pleased to find his crystalline piercings thrum with energy.
    • 33% Sucker Punch (- 7 Tyranny) - The moment you reach for your blaster the hermit strikes you down and disappears in the maze of crystals. How will you live this one down?
  • Enter his cave.
    • 75% Guidance (+3 cards) - Immediately on entering, the hermit launches into a profound lecture on galactic management and economics. Your mind is opened to new possibilities.
    • 25% Weakness (-? Tyranny)
  • Ignore him.
    • 85% Ignored (+2 Tyranny) - Talking to hermits is beneath a true tyrant.
    • 15% ???

Cybernetics Station[edit | edit source]

On the edge of an asteroid field, your scouts come upon a moon-sized station filled with all manner of bizarre cybernetic projects. While surely of scientific interest, the station is so vast that it would take years to fully explore.

  • Destructive 2: Steer it into asteroid field
    • +187 Credits - Rigging all port thrusters to overload, the station topples into the asteroid field and is torn to shreds in slow motion. Engineers recover a great haul of valuable material from the wreckage.
  • (10 Tyranny) Spend time exploring the station
    • 20% Discovery (Free Tech; sometimes New Trait: Hacker) - Wandering for days among the stations various bays and labs you finally come upon one workstation with very promising ship schematics.
    • 20% Virus! (-5 Research) - Accessing the first terminal that you come across, you find what looks to be a promising ship schematic. When uploaded back into the empire research network it releases a cleverly concealed virus that destroys many valuable files.
    • 60% Wandering (New Trait: Hacker) - Wandering for days among the station's various bays and labs yields nothing, save a deepened understanding of computing.
  • Take a quick look
    • 33% Hot Equipment (+1 Card) - Accessing the first terminal that you come across, you are delighted to find plans for an automated muon testing array.
    • 33% Virus! (-5 Research) - Accessing the first terminal that you come across, you find what looks to be a promising ship schematic. When uploaded back into the empire research network it releases a cleverly concealed virus that destroys many valuable files.
    • 33% Today's Menu (nothing) - Accessing the first terminal you come across, you find only logistics records and what may be the station cafeteria menu.
  • Loot it
    • 50% Smash and Grab (+5 Research) - Engineers ransack every bay and lab they can find, looking for promising technology. Most is common parts but several prove to be worthy of study.
    • 50% Automated Defenses (Battle) - Engineers ransack every bay and lab they can find, but their actions do not go unnoticed. Alarms blare as the station's defenses activate and attack!

Dark Altar[edit | edit source]

Tracking an odd energy signature leads you to a strange site hemmed in by broken crystal. There you find a dark altar still pulsing with unknown energies.

  • Slowly approach the altar.
    • 40% Dark Plots (+ 5 cards) - Tendrils of energy eagerly react to a new presence. Gentle as a lover, they caress your commander's brow. With every touch a new dark plot hatches in their mind!
    • 60% Imprisoned (frozen for 4 turns; New Trait: Curious) - Tendrils of energy eagerly react to a new presence. With relentless strength they grasp and bind your commander down onto the altar. Unable to break free, you must simply hope the imprisonment will eventually end.
  • Scan it.
    • 60% Amnesia (-1 xp) - The power surrounding the altar roils violently in response to the scan. Arcs of energy stream out and blast both the scanner and your commander. When they come to, they are unable to recall any of their recent battles!
    • 40% Mind Control (Mind Control card) - The power surrounding the altar roils violently in response to the scan. With great effort you manage to isolate the most powerful impulse and turn it to good use.
  • Leave it alone.
    • 100% (nothing) - Dark altars are, generally speaking, a losing proposition. As a Tyrant you understand these things and move quickly away.

Data Breach[edit | edit source]

Data drones have finally succeeded in breaching the encryption of a coveted Heisenberg Crystal. Inside they find two pieces of information, but accessing either will cause the crystal to collapse. Which will you select?

  • Extract schematics for new ship components
    • 60% ???
    • 40% Executions (-5 Research) For all their expertise, the engineers fail to extract the data and the crystal collapses. It is a sad turn of events...For them. You have the team put to death at once.
  • Extract secret plans against your empire
  • Sell the crystal on the black market.
    • 66% Sold! (New Trait: Mogul, +106 Credits) - A buyer is easily located and you walk away richer.
    • 33% ???

Death Ritual Culture[edit | edit source]

The custom on this planet is to terminate beings when they reach a certain age and their productivity drops off. While amusing, this is not in keeping with imperial policy.

  • Ban the practice.
    • 40% Recruits! (1 destroyer or 2 carriers) - Population explodes without the ritual to suppress it. Survivors express their thanks and offer to crew ships in your fleet.
    • 60% Traditionalists (Rebellion) - The populace are outraged that you would tamper in their age-old traditions! They rise up in revolt and retake the planet.
  • Lower the death age even more!
    • 60% Slaughter (+46-51 Credits) - Like lambs to the slaughter, a new wave of people obediently file into the death chambers. You confiscate their property, of course.
    • 40% Interference (planet gains Vulnerable) - Interfering with the ritual culture causes global unrest but you are able to keep control of the planet.
  • Witness the ceremony.
    • 60% Entertainment (New Trait: Curious) - Seeing the mindless sacrifice is an amusing diversion, but you quickly move on. A tyrant's work is never done!
    • 40% Wounded! (New Trait: Curious; -16-18 Tyranny) - Little did you know you were going to be the sacrifice! You escape with the help of your bodyguards, but not before taking a lasting wound!

Deep Dive[edit | edit source]

Sensors have indicated a strange echo deep in the crushing depths of a gas giant. Attempting to enter with normal ships would be very risky.

  • Dive anyways!
    • 20% Floatsam (+26 Credits) - The fleet manages to salvage the object causing the echo. It turns out to be some kind of alien children's toy!
    • 40% Get Down (+6 Research) - Deep down, the fleet finds a group of aliens partying inside a hollow sphere. Your scientists learn much from the experience (after they sober up).
    • 20% Under Pressure (-20% HP) - Halfway to the target your ships hulls begin to buckle and their captains order immediate surfacing to prevent the loss of the fleet.
    • 20% Wormhole! (Warp jump) - Diving into the gas giant, the echo goes silent, but your engines are unable to pull back out. Your fleet is pulled in farther then spit out someplace completely new!
  • Navigator 2: Modify a ship.
    • 75% Salvage (1 free tech) - Pressurization mods easily allow the affected ship to reach the anomaly. It turns out to be an extremely advanced probe.
    • 25% Crushed! (1 ship destroyed) - Pressurization mods applied to the ship fail unexpectedly and it is lost to the depths!
  • Move on
    • 75% Space bar - Which is better: An evening in the space bar or trying to plumb the crushing depths? SPACE BAR.
    • 25% Emergency (-20% HP for 1 turns) - You try to adjust your course to leave, but the gravity is too strong. Blasting your engines, you break free, but not without some damage.

Demigod[edit | edit source]

While exploring some alien ruins a common soldier touches an artifact which grants him god-like powers.

  • Diplomatic 2: Bargain with them.
    • 60% Everybody wins (draw 2 cards) - After some back and forth, you come to an agreement that's mutually beneficial to both parties.
    • 25% ?
    • 15% Turn Away (nothing) - They ignore your proposals and go on their way.
  • Order them to assist you!
    • 40% Courage (+33 Tyranny) - Impressed by your bold spirit the demigod grants you a long life.
    • 60% The Fist (13 ships destroyed) - Enraged at your gall he smashes your fleet with an ethereal hand.
  • Trick them into helping you.
    • 40% Tricky Tricky (draw 3-4 cards) - Still a common soldier at heart you easily manipulate him into giving you secret knowledge.
    • 60% Backfire (1 card lost) - Your wit is not up to the task and the demigod is not amused. He disrupts one of your plans as punishment.
  • Flee immediately!
    • 100% (nothing) - Demigods are not to be trifled with! You retreat with all due haste.

Doppelganger[edit | edit source]

Investigating reports that you yourself have been spotted at various points on this planet brings you face to face with someone who could easily be your twin.

  • Hire them as a body double.
    • 66% Double Trouble (+7 Tyranny) - The many threats against the life of a Space Tyrant now have two targets to contend with!
    • 33% Robbed! (-42 Credits) - Entrusted with such power the doppelganger becomes corrupt and robs your treasury before escaping to the outer reaches.
  • Publicly execute them!
    • 100% - There can only be one Space Tyrant! A public spectacle will discourage any impersonation.
  • Diplomatic 2: Discuss the rigors of being a Tyrant.
    • 66% Good Talk (Insight card) - An invigorating discussion of how the common people fear and respect you ensues. You come away with many insults on ruling.
    • 33% Nonsense (-5 Research) - The doppelganger turns out to be an insipid fool. It actually hurts your brain to listen to it.
  • Duelist 1: Challenge them to a duel!
    • 66% Swift Victory (-1 Unrest) - The doppelganger may look like you, but clearly, has not trained in the art of dueling. You easily beast them; you smile before ending their miserable life.
    • 33% Dirty Trick (+7 Tyranny) - The doppelganger is well trained. In a fair fight you would lose, but this is not a fair fight. You pull a hidden dagger jab it into his skull.

Downed Pilot[edit | edit source]

Following a distress beacon to a desert moon, you come upon a capable looking pilot mourning his ruined ship. He explains that while exploring 6-D space he became disoriented and entered reality just in time to crash into this world.

  • Navigator 2: Show him the correct course
    • 33% Promotion! (additional commander) - Using a 6D astrolabe, you quickly show the pilot his error. Astounded by your superior navigation skills, [commander name] offers you his services as a fleet commander.
    • 66% Recruited (1x Carrier)
  • Compare starmaps
    • 33% Insight (New Trait: Navigator) - The air comes alive with holograms of regular and 6D space as you compare various charts and measures. With some technical assistance the maps are merged, increasing your navigation skills.
    • 66% Tech Team (-2 Research, new trait: Navigator) - The air comes alive with holograms of regular and 6D space as you compare various charts and measures. With some technical assistance the maps are merged, increasing your navigation skills.
  • Conscript him
    • 50% Carrier (1x Carrier) - Soldiers quickly slap a slave collar around Ace's neck and haul him up to the fleet for processing. His skills are put to best use captaining a fighter-based vessel.
    • 50% Escape! (1 ship destroyed) - Soldiers quickly slap a slave collar around Ace's neck and haul him up to the fleet for processing. Once installed as a captain he somehow disables the collar and escapes with the ship into a dimensional pocket.
  • Sadistic 1: Take his engines
    • 25% Advanced Fuel (+1 Move) - Laughing at his dismay your soldiers shear the engines off his vessel and bring them to the fleet. The advanced fuel remaining in them is so potent that it can power your entire fleet!
    • 50% Sick Joke (+7 Tyranny) - Laughing at his dismay your soldiers shear the engines off his vessel and bring them to the fleet. Once back in space you position them in orbit so they will crash back down on the pilot, just for kicks.
    • 25% Incompatible (nothing) - Laughing at his dismay your soldiers shear the engines off his vessel and bring them to the fleet. Once back in space your engineers meekly report that the drives are incompatible with your technology.

Drunken Master[edit | edit source]

Requires having encountered Ancient Master

Abandoning all pretense at sobriety, the Ancient Master stumbles drunkenly into your court ranting about the mighty Coridan Fleet it once fought. How will you respond?

  • (100 Credits): Send an expedition.
    • 80% The Fleet (3x Cruiser) - Cleverly hidden in the folds of a murky nebula, your scouts locate the Coridan Fleet. Most of the ships are derelicts but several can be recovered!
    • 20% Attack! (Battle) - Cleverly hidden in the folds of a murky nebula, your scouts locate the Cordian Fleet. Most are derelicts but some are still active and attack!
  • Post the sad affair on SpaceBook
    • 50% Fail (nothing) - Apparently the galaxy is awash in Drunken Master tri-vids. You'll have to find another money making scheme.
    • 50% Meme (+62 Gold) - The antics of the Drunken Master goes viral. You leverage the publicity into a large boost in war bonds.
  • Throw it in the Pain Booth.
    • 33% Torment (+1 xp) - Realizing you should done this in the first place, you have the Master thrown in the Booth. It reveals a few more secrets before expiring.
    • 66% Amused (+4 Tyranny) - Realizing you should done this in the first place, you have the Master thrown in the Booth. Unfortunately it doesn't know anything more.

Excavation Mecha[edit | edit source]

Abandoned by their creators, a group of excavation mecha lay rusting at an ancient mining site. Reactivating them seems to be a simple matter, but it is impossible to know the precise goals their alien masters originally gave them.

  • Hacker 2: Rewrite them for war
    • 66% Low Battery (War Mecha card) - Reprogramming the machines turns out to be a trivial task and they are quickly made ready for war. However, their battery systems were not designed with battle in mind and will quickly wear out.
    • 33% Bad Hack (nothing) - Reprogramming the machines appears trivial at first, but things quickly go wrong. Elegant algorithms become hopelessly tangled by your efforts and the mecha short out completely.
  • Activate them
    • 40% Gems (+38-47 Credits) - The mecha power on and quickly set to work mining the site. Several valuable space gems are extracted.
    • 20% Mother Lode (+198 Credits) - The mecha power on and quickly set to work mining the site. A huge cache of precious space gems are extracted!
    • 40% Disaster! (planet becomes asteroids) - The mecha power on and quickly set to work mining... straight down! Quakes begin to shake the ground with increasing frequency. All imperial personnel flee just in time to see the planet's core implode.
  • Release in a city
    • 33% Assistance (Draw 1 card) - Unable to make sense of their urban surroundings the mecha begin toppling buildings at random and process the rubble. The inhabitants offer to help you in return for calling off the robots.
    • 33% Desperate Plea (draw 3 cards) - Unable to make sense of their urban surroundings, the mecha begin toppling buildings at random and processing the rubble. Terrified inhabitants offer to do anything for your empire if you save them.
    • 33% Protests! (+1 Unrest) - Unable to make sense of their urban surroundings the mecha begin toppling builds at random and processing the rubble. The population of the city is wiped out, sparking protests across your empire.
  • Let them rust
    • 40% Nobility (+3-5 Tyranny) - Tinkering with mining equipment is beneath the notice of a Tyrant. This example of regal tyranny seems to impress the common people.
    • 60% Clean Hands (nothing) - Tinkering with mining equipment is beneath the notice of a Tyrant. You carry on with the affairs of state.

Exotic Mineral Vein[edit | edit source]

The core of the planet is surrounded by multiple layers of incredibly valuable minerals. Mining them will ruin any long term income though. What will you do?

  • (10 Tyranny) Take time to strip mine it!
    • 100% (+165 Credits) - Removing the minerals from the core and selling them gives you a great boon.
  • Use explosives!
    • 30% Rich Vein (+150 Credits) - It works! You're able to gather enough of the fragments to turn a small profit!
    • 20% ???
    • 50% Regrets (nothing) - Using space bombs was probably the wrong choice. The minerals are reduced to worthless dust.

Federation Outpost[edit | edit source]

You discover a forward operating base for the Galactic Federation. They haven't noticed your fleet yet. What do you want to do about this base?

  • Send in troops.
    • 75% Victory! (Free Tech) - You decimate the Federation forces. Looting the outpost afterwards, you find plans to advanced tech.
    • 25% Counterattack! (Battle) - The Federation pushed your commander back and launch a counterattack against your fleet.
  • Diplomatic 1: Send in a diplomat.
    • 75% Persuasion (Draw 1 card, new trait: Diplomatic) - The Federation officers are swayed by your persuasive diplomat. They offer to assist you in any way they can.
    • 25% Suicide! (planet destroyed, new trait: Diplomatic) - The Federation officers are not convinced and decide to sacrifice themselves; sending one last system wide SOS before destroying the planet.
  • (10 Research): Use experimental weapon.
    • 25% Dud (new traits Sadistic, Scientist) - You wait to see the results of your weapon but nothing seems to happen. Oh well, back to the drawing board!
    • 50% Melted (+1 Crystals; new traits Sadistic, Scientist) - The Federation troops are melted into a crystalline slurry that you quickly move off planet, boosting your own crystal reserves.
    • 25% Transformation! (battle ; new traits Sadistic, Scientist) - The troops react violently to the bioweapon, transforming and relentlessly attacking your commander and fleet.

Fortified City[edit | edit source]

The native population has holed up in a megacity, refusing to submit to your authority! Something will have to be done about these insolent fools.

  • Take the city by force.
  • Diplomatic 2
    • 25% ?
    • 75% Squadron (2 Destroyers or carriers) - The local citizens stand down and you gain access to their hangars.
  • Total orbital bombardment.
    • 66% ?
    • 33% Resistance! (New Trait:Destructive ,+1 Unrest) - You start your bombardment, but are shocked to find the city has anti missile defences! This loss will be a stain on your reputation!

Gigantic Natives[edit | edit source]

This planet has a species of gigantic proto-sentients native to it. How will you manage them?

  • Have them toil the fields.
    • 50% Grain Futures (+44 Credits) - They take to their new task with strength and enthusiasm. Profits are looking up!
    • 25% Simpletons (nothing) - The simple brains of the giants cannot grasp the abstract concepts involved in even limited farming.
    • 25% Fury (-7 Tyranny) - Things start off fine, but you find that the natives anger matches their size. They attack your forces with a horrible ferocity!
  • Become their god-emperor!
    • 66% God King (Renewed Assault card) - Playing off elements of prophecy in their nascent religion, you convince them you are their deity. They will make excellent shock troops.
    • 33% Fury (Planet Attribute: Vulnerable) - The giants become enraged! You must permanently devote part of the planet garrison to suppressing them.
  • Study them.
    • 50% Meager Facts (+4 Research, new trait: Scientist) - Their gigantism is showy but of only limited scientific value.
    • 25% Failure (new trait: Scientist) - Unfortunately, your studies fail to produce any applicable results for the empire.
    • 25% Fury (-9 Research) - You try to study them from a distance and stay hidden, but a scientist gets too close and brings the might of the natives down on your labs!

Gravitic Anomalies[edit | edit source]

Deep inside a nearby nebula, your scouts find a tight cluster of gravitic anomalies. Sensors cannot detect what may be inside them.

  • Send in a ship.
    • 50% Shredded (1 ship destroyed, new trait Navigator) - Unable to maneuver between the shifting gravity fields, your hapless ship is torn to bits.
    • 25% Equipment (+23 Credits, new trait Navigator) - Inside the field the ship discovers remnants of an alien probe. unable to bring the ship out the pilot manages to salvage some of its valuable equipment.
    • 25% Field Data (+4 Research, new trait  Navigator) - There is nothing inside the field, but the exploration of the phenomena is of use to your scientists.
  • Navigator 2: Navigate it yourself
    • 35% Eureka! (1 free tech) - You nimbly navigate the field and find an alien device at its center. Studying how the device creates gravity fields leads to a breakthrough!
    • 45% Salvage (1 frigate) - Deep inside the field, you find an ancient vessel with a drive that's creating the anomalies. Shutting it down, you're able to retrieve the ship and repair it for use.
    • 10% Escape (-6 Tyranny) Your piloting skills are great but not equal to this task. Narrowly escqaping death, you turn back to the fleet.
    • 10% Wormhole! (fleet teleport to random world) - The anomalies open a rift in space-time ad your fleet is thrown to a distant planet.
  • Attempt to bypass the cluster.
    • 75% Bypassed (nothing) - Gravity has no mercy. Better to move on!
    • 12.5% Escape (-1 Card) - Gravity has no bounds; you miscalculated the bypass and had to spend extra energy to get away.
    • 12.5% Caught (transported) - The gravity of the anomalies is greater than you predicted. Your fleet is pulled in and thrown to a distant planet!

Hit Piece[edit | edit source]

The fake media, Galactic News Net, published a hit piece about your ties to a wanted criminal and hitman. How do you want to handle this?

  • (100 Credits) Buy out the network (nothing)
  • Try to redirect the story.
    • 66% Denial (nothing) - You reject GNN's claims, blaming them for distributing fake news for the Galactic Senate, drowning out any ill effects from the original article.
    • 33% Backfire (+3 Unrest) - You try to spin that GNN is just the lying space media, but the galaxy isn't buying it.
  • Sell out the hitman.
    • 75% Inconvenient End (Unknown effect, possibly nothing) - Your hitman isn't worth this much trouble, you hand him over for execution for his crimes.
    • 25% ?
  • No comment.
    • 33% Fade away (nothing) - Without drawing more attention to the story, it quickly fades from the news cycle, overshadowed by the next galactic outrage.
    • 67% Backfire (+3 Unrest) - Your silence is seen as an admission of guilt by the galaxy. Unrest towards your rule increases dramatically.

Idle Robots[edit | edit source]

Inside an abandoned factory you find operational droids mindlessly fussing away at a spotless interior. What will you do with them?

  • Scientist 2 (5 Research): Ship the droids off to be reverse engineered in your labs.
    • 67% Boxed up (1 free tech) - Your soldiers box up the struggling robots and ship them away to be researched.
    • 22% Great Escape (nothing) - While in transit to your labs the robots break out of their containment and escaped. So much for that plan.
    • 11% Free Will (battle) - Attempting to reverse engineer the bots, triggers a failsafe and they attack!
  • (10 Credits) Weld lasers to their heads and wire them into the defense net.
    • 75% Obedience (+4 Defense) - Lumbering under the weight of enormous lasers the robots obediently march off to the nearest base.
    • 25% Disorder (1 ship destroyed) - Applying the lasers, your technicians trip an attack circuit. The robots, now with lasers wreak havoc in the fleet!
  • Smash them up and use them for parts.
    • 66% Impassive (+44 Credits, no new Sadistic) - Facing their doom with characteristic stoicism, the robots are quickly broken down to spare parts.
    • 33% Disorder (Fleet frozen for 1 turn, new trait: Sadistic) - As you smash the first robot, you trigger a security routine. The robots attack you fleet's engines, blowing themselves up and disabling your fleet!

Imposing Monolith[edit | edit source]

While scouring this world for riches and treasures you find a tall, alien monolith sitting in a blue glowing pool. It pulls at your mind, drawing you closer.

  • Psionic 2: Reach out with your mind
    • 50% Ancient Knowledge (+1 Level) - Reaching out with your mind you find the Monolith filled with distilled life of an ancient general. Collecting and inserting them into the mind of your commander is a simple matter.
    • 35% ???
    • 15% Nothing - Reaching out with your mind you find the jumbled mess of alien memories. After sorting through it for a while you conclude there is nothing of value.
  • Touch it.
    • 33% Ancient Knowledge (+1 Level; New Trait: Curious) - Touching the Monolith releases a torrent of memories and images! Bizarre alien experiences flash by in unceasing progression, faster and faster. Your commander manages to survive the experience and walk away, flush with ancient knowledge.
    • 67% Erased (-1 XP; New Trait: Curious) - Touching the Monlith releases a torrent of memories and images! Unable to endure it, your commander staggers backward clutching their head. After recovering, they realize all memories of the most recent battles have been erased!
  • Reduce it to rubble!
    • 66% Cursed (-50% attack/hp for 4 turns) - An ominous alien glow envelopes your fleet. All of your crew seem slugish and docile.
    • 33% Alloys (+465! Credits) - Among the rubble you are delighted to find precious alloys and rare isotopes that will prove extremely useful!
  • Walk away
    • 100% (nothing) - Rule 7 of space exploration is: Never touch the alien monoliths! You pat yourself on the back at avoiding a disaster while walking away.

Incentive Program[edit | edit source]

This event only occurs on lab planets.

Tired of the poor performance at this facility, you decide to intervene in its operation directly. How will you motive the researchers?

  • Give them all a turn in the pain booth.
    • 50% Motivated (Free Tech) - The pain booth proves to be an excellent motivator resulting in major scientific gains. Perhaps you should make this standard practice?
    • 25% Zzzzt (-14 Research) - You throw them in Pain Booths (tm), but in your haste, overload the circuits, killing most of the workers.
    • 25% Pointless (nothing) - You cycle all the researchers through the pain booth to no avail. This must be their full potential.
  • (10 Research): Engage them in a Science Death Match.
    • 67% Champion (! free tech; new trait: Scientist) - Desperate to save their own lives, the scientists are inspired to new heights. The champion's work is of particular use to your empire.
    • 33% Setbacks (new trait: Scientist; -3 Research)
  • Execute one.
    • 25% Subverted (+1 Unrest) - Angered by the death of their peer, the remaining scientists sow dissent via the data networks.
    • 75% Executed (+5 Research) - A well placed execution never fails to motivate!

Inevitable Betrayal[edit | edit source]

"It's nothing personal boss." your hitman says as they draw their blaster and aim it at you, "I just got a better offer..."

  • Duellist 2 Quickdraw your pistol.
    • 25%
    • 75% Shocked (nothing) - With reflexes honed by countless duels, you quick draw your pistol and blast the hitman square on. A brief expression of shock crosses his face before his disintegrates.
  • Pet 1: Unleash your pet.
    • 80% Good Doggie (nothing) - Your alert space pet takes notice of the hitman's aggression; pouncing on him and knocking away his pistol.
    • 20% ???
  • (200 Credits): Offer triple their current pay.
    • (nothing) - Lowering his pistol as the credit transfer goes through, he tips his space hat, saying "I always did like you best"
  • Attempt to space 'em!
    • 25% ???
    • 75% Disruptor (-11 Tyranny, Lose Trait: Hitman) - You reach for the big red EJECT button on your desk only to be slammed backwards by a disruptor blast. Before fleeing, the hitman looks back over his shoulder, "Take that as my resignation!"

Ion Storm[edit | edit source]

An ion storm sweeps through the system and the fleet cannot avoid it. Heavy interference has already blinded all ships sensors.

  • Batten the hatches!
    • 33% Core Breach! (1-2 ship destroyed) - The storm is powerful, disrupting and damaging systems across the fleet. Several ships have core malfunctions and explode.
    • 50% Zzzzzt (-20% HP for 1 turn) - The storm is powerful, disrupting and damaging systems across the fleet. Damage is widespread bu there are no losses.
    • 17% Safe (nothing - The storm is powerful, disrupting and damaging systems across the fleet. Thankfully the fleet weathers it without injury.
  • Psionic 2: Sense your way through it.
    • 100% - Sensors are blinded by the storm, but psionics are not, allowing you to safely exit the storm
  • Navigator 3: Calculate 5D course.
    • (+25% attack for 4 turns) - Your advanced navigational skills allow you to carve a stunning course both in and out of real space. Morale among the fleet is boosted by your exceptional skill!

Jilted Lover[edit | edit source]

Requires having experienced Courtesan

You awake with a start to realize you are not alone in your chambers. The Courtesan you turned away is looming over you in the dark, pressing a sharp knife to your throat.

  • Diplomatic 3: Attempt seduction.
    • 25% Pillow Talk (Seduce Senator Card) - Whispering sweet words and promises you manage to coax the Courtesan into your bed. Escaping death and earning a new lover is just another night in the light of a Tyrant!
    • 75% ???
  • (100 Credits): Offer a lavish bribe.
    • 85% Accepted (nothing) - Impressed by your nerve under pressure the Courtesan accepts the bribe and flees into the night.
    • 15% ???
  • Shout for the guards.
    • 50% ???
    • 25% Disgrace (+2 Unrest) Your guards rush in and subdue the Courtesan but not before you are slightly wounded. News of the incident leaks out and discredits your rule.
    • 25% Stabbed (-12 Tyranny) - Unbeknownst to you, the guards were subverted by the Courtesan and ignore you. Forced to fight alone, you are badly injured before blasting your opponent.
  • Pet 1: Command your pet to attack.
    • 80% Parting Gift (+31 Credits) - Your pet leaping into the fray gives you enough time to blast the Courtesan to atoms. Laying on the floor you find the knife - it should make a good keepsake.
    • 20% Stabbed (-5 Tyranny) - Your pet leaping into the fray distracts the Courtesan, but not before you take a minor wound. Guards burst into the chamber at the commotion and rescue you.

Leggy Lifeforms[edit | edit source]

On a secluded island you find a small population of truly bizarre multi-limbed life forms. Unfortunately for them, their sole habitat appears to be atop a vein of isotop rich ore. What will you do?

  • Capture a creature.
    • New trait: Pet - Their many legs makes the life forms very difficult to catch but you managed to snare one eventually. It seems capable of understanding basic commands and you have no trouble domesticating it.
  • Refine the ore for fuel.
    • 50% Rich Fuel (+1 Move) - Mining grews mercilessly tear through the small habitat, churning up precious isotope laden ore. Some creatures might survive, but that is no matter to a Space Tyrant.
    • 50% Crushed Creatures (-16 Credits) - Mining crews mercilessly tear through the small habitat, causing a panic among the creatures. Many are caught up in the gears and several machines are ruined.
  • Hunt them for sport.
    • 60% Jolly Good (+9 Tyranny) - Nothing beats a relaxing day hunting defenseless animals. Their speed and agility make for great sport!
    • 40% Annoyed (nothing) - Their many legs makes the life forms almost impossible to shoot. Giving up in frustration you order them bombed from orbit.

Limpits[edit | edit source]

Limpit monsters attach to your fleet, and no one has seen anything like them.

  • Leave them alone.
    • 25% Indifferent (nothing) - They don't seem to do anything of notice being left alone
    • 50% Drive Boost (Reserve Tank card) - They are grateful and aid your warp drives.
    • 25% Clogged! (Frozen 1 turn) - They move too close to your power cores, disabling your fleet!
  • Scrape them off.
    • 50% Indifferent (nothing) - You are able to easily remove them.
    • 25% Clumsy (-20% HP for 1 turn) - The process of removal goes slowly and damages your fleet. Some repairs will be necessary.
    • 25% ?
  • Scientist 1 (5 Research): Examine them.
    • 25% Clogged! (Frozen 1 turn) - They move too close to your power cores, disabling your fleet!
    • 75% Limpet Mines (Infiltrate! card) - You create advanced mines from what you learn.

Living Lotus[edit | edit source]

Passing over a secluded island, you notice a patch of flowers that appears to be waving at you. Landing, you discover a colony of the rare Living Lotus people who invite you to share in their wondrous fruit.

  • Diplomatic 2: Ask for their assistance
    • 20% Fine Spores (Ambrosia Spores card) - Deeply pleased with your concillatory tone, the Lotus people offer you their finest spores!
    • 60% Pods (Space Madness card) - Unwilling to part with their most precious spores, the Lotus people do give you a spaceborne variant which will be of some use.
    • 20% Refusal (nothing) - Tarnished by your tyrannical past, the Lotus people have difficulty believing your words and turn you away.
  • Locked: requires ???
  • Harvest them
    • 50% Bouquet (+19 Tyranny) - Soldiers mercilessly scythe down the Lotus people at your order and arrange some of the more impressive ones into a lovely bouquet. Shockwaves of fear ripple through the empire!
    • 50% Madness (Randomly moves invading fleet 1 space) - The Lotus people are not without defenses: They release spaceborne Spore Pods into your fleet, causing confusion and disarray!)
  • Eat the Fruit
    • 50% Fine Dining (+8 Tyranny) - The fruit of the Lotus is delicious and induces a great sense of well being. You can't wait to get back to tyrantting!
    • 25% Sleepy (Frozen 1 turn) - The fruit of the Lotus is delicious but contains a powerful sedative effect. The fleet will be stuck here waiting until it wears off.
    • 25% Unimpressed (nothing) - The fruit of the lotus is delicious but no more so than any of the multitude of foods available to a tyrant.

Local Court[edit | edit source]

Furious at bring thrown in the pain booth for a trivial offense, a local noble brings legal charges against you. How will you react?

  • (50 Credits): Rig the jury.
    • (nothing) - Money makes the 'verse turn. To the astonishment of the prosecution, all the charges against you are dropped.
  • Deny all charges.
    • 33% Outwitted (nothing) - Through a combination of denials, clever wording, and outright trickery you manage to defeat all claims against you.
    • 67% (Rebellion) - Incensed by this travesty of justice, the world rises up against you.
  • Hitman 1: Assassinate the judge.
    • 90% Terror (-1 Unrest) - No one brings a tyrant to heel - let the galaxy be damned! Your hitman takes out the judge leaving the courtroom in disarray!
    • 10% Terror! (+2 Unrest) - No one brings a tyrant to heel - let the galaxy be damned! Your hitman takes out the judge sparking waves of protest across your empire!

Mesmerizing Lifeform[edit | edit source]

Drawn to a remote location by unexplainable forces, you encounter a frog-like creature. You sense that it has become tired of this world and wishes to relocate.

  • (50 Credits): Offer the creature lavish quarters
    • 75% Psychic Drone (New Trait: Psionic) - The hypnofrog is displeased with its quarters! For the next few days all your servants report severe headaches, but it stays on board.
    • 25% Secrets (New Trait: Psionic, Mind Control card) - The hypnofrog is satisfied with the accommodations and shares its mastery of the psionic arts.
  • Vaporize this abomination!
    • 50% Mind Blast (lose 1 card) - You raise your weapon... but suddenly black out! Hours later you awake on your ship confused and unable to recall how you got there.
    • 50% Awe (nothing) - You raise your weapon to attack but are overcome by the majesty of this regal creature. How could you have ever thought of harming it?
  • (5 Tyranny): Refuse to take the creature.
    • 80% Flee (nothing) - This is far to dangerous of a creature to interact with. You summon all your willpower and walk away as fast as you can.
    • 20% Compulsion (1 ship destroyed) - You try to refuse, but the words can't come, rather you offer the creature a ship.

Misty Maze[edit | edit source]

This event only occurs on Doomed planets

Seeking the legendary killer of this strange planet, you enter The Maze alone. Weaving your way through mist you stumble into a conspicuously placed fridge. Stepping out from behind it, Skullface raises his chainsaw toward you in a wordless challenge.

  • Hire Him
    • 16.6% ?
    • 50% Fridge ( + 2 unrest) - Skullface waits silently as you make your pitch... and then unceremoniously tips the fridge down onto you! Pinned beneath it and unable to move, you are forced to suffer the indignity of waiting for rescue.
    • 16.6% ?
    • 16.6% ?
  • Compare Kills
    • 25% Attack (-7-9 Tyranny) - Skullface cares nothing for your exploits and immediately launches into a savage series of attacks with his chainsaw. You are able to escape, but take some minor injuries.
    • 50% Wounded! (-25 Tyranny) - Skullface cares nothing for your explots and immediately launches into a savage series of attacks with his chainsaw. Unable to escape the relentless killer you take a mortal wound!
    • 25% Impressed ! (+1 Artifact) (Not sure of the wording). Skullface raises his blade, but then pauses as you relate your tales of death & gore. He lays a item down on the fridge before slinking away into the mist & shadows.
  • Duellist 2: Duel Skullface
    • 30& Victory! (hero joins: Skullface) - Not to be outdone by a simple murderer, you leap the attack. Unused to being directly assaulted you quickly defeat Skullface and force him to join your space force.
  • Mogul 2: Offer a video game deal
    • 60% Accept (hero joins: Skullface) - Intrigued by the idea of being a video game icon, Skullface readily accepts a role in the upcoming game Slayaway Camp: A Galaxy of Terror.
    • 30% ???
    • 10% ???

Musashi Serum[edit | edit source]

Sealed in a hardened container festooned with dire warnings, you fina a sample of the famed Musashi Serum. The serum is rumored to grant great power in battle at the cost of destabilizing the receiver's mind.

  • Scientist 2: Edit soldier DNA
    • 66% Samurai Soldiers (+1 siege die) - Proceeding with great care and deliberation the experiments are a stunning success! Your troops have gained the unparalleled melee skills of Musashi!
    • 33% Shut Down (Planet Attribute: Vulnerable) - Even proceeding with great care the brain defects caused by the serum cause many soldiers to go beserk(typo?). The experiment is immediately shut down before it can get out of control.
  • Expose the entire population
    • 20% Samurai Soldiers (Temporary +1 Siege; New Trait: Scientist) - Dispersing the serum as an atmospheric aerosol causes a planet-wide spasm of violence and destruction. However, a small cadre of super soldiers survive long enough to fight in your army.
    • 20% In Theory (New trait: Scientist) - Dispensing the serum as an atmospheric aerosol causes a planet-wide spasm of violence and destruction. All the promising subjects kill each other, but the experiment proves many interesting theories.
    • 60% Entrenched (Rebellion; New Trait: Scientist) - Dispersing the serum as an atmospheric aersol causes a planet-wide spasm of violence and destruction. Maddened super soldiers slaughter the garrison and take control of the planet. It will be almost impossible to recapture, now.
  • Run computer models
    • 50% Fun Facts (+6 Research) - Playing it safe, the serum is processed through several computational models but never used directly. The results are interesting but not ground-breaking.
    • 50% No Data - Playing it safe, the serum is processed through several computational models but never used directly. Unfortunately, no useful data is gleaned.

Mutiny[edit | edit source]

A few commanders of your space force become convinced they will be the next target of your sadistic practices. Mutiny is inevitable unless you act immediately!

  • Smash 'em.
    • (2 ships destroyed) - Loyal ships open fire on the mutineers without mercy, annihilating them.
  • (Diplomatic 2, 50 Credits): Placate 'em.
    • 60% Mollified (nothing) - Anger subsides and they rejoin the fleet.
    • 40% Promotion! (new commander) - The second in command kills the lead mutineer and rejoins the fleet as a new leader.
  • Mock 'em.
    • 67% Retaliation! (Battle) - Your goading enrages them. Prepare for an attack.
    • 33% Sabotage (-36 Credits) - Your mockery brings them back into line, but only just. Over the next few days several ships are "mysteriously" damaged and must be repaired.
  • Ignore 'em.
    • 85% Retaliation! (Battle) - They scream, "WE WILL NOT BE IGNORED," as they send in their ships to attack.
    • 15% Spy Work (nothing) - Your crew is too scared of you to assist the mutineers. Secret police round up the leaders and execute them.

Mysterious Signal[edit | edit source]

As you explore this region, you pick up an unknown transmission from deep space. Your scientists can't decipher it.

  • Investigate the source.
    • 40% Colony (+1 card; new trait: Curious) - You find a long lost pirate colony. Happy to be part of your operation they offer their assistance.
    • 30% Ruins (+1 tech; new trait: Curious) - You find an abandoned colony. Scanning the rubble you find a data cache with advanced technology.
    • 15% It's a trap (Battle; new trait: Curious) - As you approach the signal source a hidden force fires up their engines and enters an attack vector. Prepare for battle!
    • 15% AI (+2 Unrest; new trait: Curious) - You discover the source of the transmission. It's a sentient AI, recently awoken from a long digital slumber. Threatened by your approach, it sends a distress signal across the galaxy.
  • Ignore it.
    • 25% Impatience (nothing) - A Tyrant cannot be expected to investigate very stray emission - you have an empire to rule!
    • 75% Attack! (fight) - The signal was just a trap laid by local pirates. They see you move away and decide to attack anyway!

Orion Spaceway[edit | edit source]

This system is hosting the yearly Orion Spaceway hyperspace racing competition. A wide array of racing vessels have gathered at the start point, waiting for the race to begin.

  • Commandeer their fuel.
    • 50% Full Tank (+1 move) - Your Space Force swoops down over the event and rapidly boards all the ships. Fuel and engine components are found in great abundance!
    • 50% Flight (-3-5 Tyranny) - As soon as your ships move in, the racers scatter with blinding speed. Predictably, the crowd dislikes this.
  • Discuss racing with the champ.
    • 50% Racing Lesson (+1 xp) - The champion is hesitant at first but quickly warms to the subject and explains many interesting facts about high-speed maneuvering.
    • 50% ???
  • Sadistic 1: Threaten to nuke them.
    • 25% BOOM! (-20% HP for 1 turn) - The racers try to make a break for it but you quickly nuke them. Due to the concentration of drives and fuel the resulting explosion is tremendous!
    • 75% Payday (+219-226 Credits): Even a single explosion among so many overcharged drives and fuel stores would be devastating. The promoters hand over all ticket sales to appease you.
  • Mogul 3: Rig the race!
    • 25% Fair (-20 Credits): Who doesn't love the Orion Spaceway? Sadly your attempts to rig the race fail.
    • 75% ???

Pacifist Movement[edit | edit source]

Segments of the population on this world ascribe to a pacifist movement which is at odds with your imperial doctrine.

  • Crushing taxation.
    • 66% Quashed - (+50 Credits) Crushing taxes are levied against those who breach imperial doctrine. The movement quickly dies down.
    • 33% Conversion (planet gains Pacifist) - Crushing taxes only fuel the fire for peace! The whole planet adopts the religion!
  • Diplomatic 1: Coerce their leader
    • 20% Greased Palm (-19 Credits) - The pompous oaf proves resistant to threats and you are forced to bribe him to dissolve the movement.
    • 40% Darkness (Dark Ritual card) - A sharp knife always brings results! Not only does the leader dissolve the movement but they show you its dark underbelly.
    • 40% Control (1-2 free cards) - A sharp knife always brings results! Utterly terrified, the leader directs the movement however you demand.
  • Sanction the religion.
    • 66% Grace (-1 Unrest) - The galaxy is pleasantly surprised by this sudden change of character!
    • 33% Power Grab! (-20% HP for 1 turn) - Sensing weakness, the fleet mutinies trying to wrest power away from you. You are victorious but only after significant loss of life.
  • Ignore them.
    • 100% Ignore Them - This movement is beneath your notice. Surely the local governor will wipe it out in due time.

Personal Combat[edit | edit source]

A high noble of this world took great offense to an offhand remark. To preserve their honor they challenge you to a personal duel!

  • Fight the duel!
    • 70% Victory! (+6-9 Tyranny; New trait: Duelist) - Superior skill allows you to land the requisite three touches and win the bout. You have the noble exiled for good measure.
    • 30% Touche (-3 Tyranny; New trait: Duelist) - The noble proves to be an excellent fencer and manages to defeat you in three touches, but thankfully without serious injury.
  • Throw them in the pain booth.
    • 25% Undermined (-1 card) - You laugh and throw the noble in the pain booth for their insolence. Unfortunately the others disapprove and surreptitiously disrupt your schemes.
    • 75% Dire Warning (nothing) - The screams of the noble serve as a warning to the others. You will not likely be challenged again.
  • Psionic 2: Cheat!
    • 100% (+12 Tyranny; New Trait: Duelist)

Petty King[edit | edit source]

An extremely influential noble of this world has refused to submit to imperial rule. Your agents fear that executing them could lead to outright rebellion. What will you do?

  • Abduct a hostage.
    • 50% Kidnapped (+38 Credits) - Your soldiers brazenly smash into the noble's home and abduct their children. After seeing the lengths you will go to, obedience is immediate and complete.
    • 50% Martyr (+1-2 Unrest) - Your soldiers brazenly smash into the noble's home but the family manages a desperate escape into exile. Unable to track them down, they serve as a focus for unrest on this world.
  • Sit down and talk.
    • 25% Mockery (+1 Unrest; new trait: Diplomatic) - The noble laughs at your offer, mocking your claim to the galaxy. This will not help your reputation.
    • 25% Blaster (nothing?) - It's clear they will not negotiate in good faith. You pull a blaster and shoot them through their traitorous heart. Consequences be damned!
    • 25% Kickback (+72 Credits; new trait: Diplomatic) - Through shrewd negotiations, you convince this conniving noble that it would be best to support your tyrannical efforts against the Galactic Senate.
    • 25% Influence (-1 Unrest, new trait: Diplomatic) - The king agrees to a live, planet-wide broadcast regaling your generosity and grand plans for a reshaping the galaxy!
  • Duelist 2: Duel him
    • 75% Victory! (+2 cards) - Unable to refuse, the noble agrees to fight. However, they stand no chance against your practiced hand. After dispatching your opponent all the others give you their support.
    • 25% ???
  • Hitman 1: Engineer their demise.
    • 60% Intrigue (+9 Tyranny) - You execute an elaborate plot to discredit and ruin the noble: ultimately resulting in their death. Fearing for their lives, the others quickly back down.
    • 40% Exposed! (Rebellion) - You execute an elaborate plot to discredit and ruin the noble, but are unable to make the charges stick. Enraged by the attempt, the people of this world rise up and rebel!

Pirate King[edit | edit source]

Garot, the Pirate King, has been raiding this system for some time causing serious damage to local trade. Treating you with the respect due to a fellow monarch, he responds to your request for parley.

  • Locked: requires Duelist 3: Challenge him for his sword
    • 66% Victory (Credits)
    • 33% ???
  • (30 Credits): Bribe to leave
    • 66% Kindred Spirit (nothing) - Bringing gifts of fine space brandy you spend an evening drinking with the King, discussing the deeply misunderstood nature of Tyrants. Moved by a new sense of kinship, Garot agrees to leave the system.
    • 33% Leave (nothing)
  • Threaten him
    • 25% Intimidated (nothing) - The King responds with a blustering tirade of his strength until the icy calm of your demeanor finally sinks in. Sensing his imminent death, Garot quickly gathers up his band and leaves.
    • 50% Failure (-20 income, not tied to planet) - The King responds with a blustering tirade of his strength which goes on for the better part of an hour. Clearly your threats will not dissuade him from raiding.
    • 25% Insulted! (battle) - The King responds with a blustering tirade of his strength which goes to the lofty height of comparing himself to you. Such an insult cannot go unanswered - you immediately attack!
  • Compliment him on his gun hand
    • 50% Insulted! (Fight) - Garot instantly becomes defensive and irate, building to a crescendo of anger and reproach at your comment. Whatever his reason, you cannot be spoken to like that - he must die.
    • 50% Raiders (New Trait: Duelist) - Garot is initially defensive but soon reveals that he lost his hand to a Space Shark which he still hunts to this day. Pleased by this moment of connection he offers to raid your enemies.

Pirate Treachery[edit | edit source]

You are hard at work directing your space fleet in the extermination of a pirate band when your comm chirps. It is one of the pirates with an interesting offer: allow him to live and he will betray the others! How will you respond?

  • Allow him to join your fleet.
    • 40% ???
    • 60% To the Death (9 ships destroyed) - Knowing the defection of their comrade has sealed their fate, the remaining pirates fight to with suicidal abandon. Eventually, they are all wiped out but the losses are staggering!
  • Doublecross him.
    • 40% Doublecross (3 Battleships) - You take in the pirate and promptly torture him for access codes to the enemy ships. Commandos sneak aboard the heaviest vessels, capturing them for your own use!
    • 60% Contingency Plan (-3 cards [actually only lost 1]) - Ever ready for treachery, the pirates activate a bomb implanted in the traitor's body as soon as your staff begins debriefing him! Many of your best spies are killed in the resulting blast.
  • Exterminate them all.
    • 100% (New Trait: Sadistic) - What would the galaxy think if you showed mercy? You have the pirates utterly wiped out.

Planet Repair[edit | edit source]

This planet could prove useful if we spend the resources to repair it.

  • Repair the planet.
    • 80% Restoration (planet regains ability, new trait: Scientist) - After focusing your research efforts on this palnet's problems, you've restored its full potential.
    • 20% BOOM! (8 ships destroyed) - Tinkering with the insides of the planet, you trigger a chain reaction that sends a blast of energy through your fleet!
  • Ignore it.

Planetary Improvement[edit | edit source]

Your advisors have determined this planet is a good candidate for improvements and experimental effects.

  • Improve (text varies based on type of planet)
    • Adds a power to the world.
  • Not worth the trouble!
    • (Nothing) - You leave the planet ready for further oppression!

Prison Riot[edit | edit source]

This event only occurs on prison planets

The inmates have revolted against their robot ovverlords. You have a choice to make.

  • Help the inmates.
    • 50% (+2 Frigates)
    • 50% Penalize (battle!) - The Overlords will have none of your betrayal. They bring the riot under control and send out a fleet to teach you a lesson.
  • Help the overlords.
    • 50% Calm (-1 Unrest) - The overlords appreciate the assistance and tensions relax throughout the system.
    • 50% Lecture (+18 Credits) - The overlords are suspect of your motives and only give you a few credits along with a stern lecture about "doing the right thing".
  • Nuke them.
    • 75% Slagged (New Trait: Sadistic, planet destroyed) - This uprising is a trivial annoyance. You incinerate the planet form orbit, ridding yourself of this nonsense.
    • 25% Escapee (New Trait: Sadistic, planet destroyed, +1 Unrest) - The squabbling is annoying. You incinerate the planet from orbit, but a small craft escapes the destruction. Warning the galaxy of your destructive ways!

Psionic Race[edit | edit source]

On a remote asteroid, you discover a colony of psionic beings inhabiting delicate and beautiful pod-like structures.

  • Confiscate all the pods.
    • 33% Repossessed (+26 Credits) - Deaf to their psionic wailing, your troops eject them from their homes and sell them on the open market.
    • 33% Starscope (Deep Space Probe card) - Inside the pods you find tools which allow you to look far into deep space.
    • 33% Mind Blast (1 card lost) - The residents take great offense and slam you with a psionic attack. You stumble away confused and disoriented.
  • (50 Credits) Employ psionic agents.
    • 33% Mindcraft (New Trait: Psionic; +2 Research) - In addition to having psionic agents at your disposal they also reveal some of their art.
    • 66% Agents (New Trait: Psionic) - Having psionic agents will prove far more valuable than a handful of credits.
  • Ignore them.
    • 50% Tribute (+15 Credits) - The leader of the colony gives you tribute for leaving them in peace.
    • 50% Probed! (-5 Tyranny) - Even though you try to move by without disturbing them, you feel a deep probe into your thoughts. It takes many hours to recover your senses!

Risky Experiment[edit | edit source]

Your scientist, surrounded by terrified interns, eagerly explains his plans to use proto-matter to vastly expand research potential. It sounds risky!

  • Give him complete authority
    • 33% ?
    • 66% Hellstorm! (planet destroyed) - Shaking with uncontrolled energies, the equipment of the lab sparks and explodes. Your guards rush you to an escape pod moments before the lab and its "genius" are consumed by a hellstorm of plasmatic fire.
  • Scientist 2: Design a safety plan
    • 83% Labs (Intelligent Nanites card) - Sparks fly and plasma conduits burst your preventive plan keeps the situation under control. You can use the result to founds a new lab.
    • 17% Hellstorm! (planet destroyed) - In spite of your plans, the equipment of the lab sparks and explodes. Your guards rush you to an escape pod moments before the Lab and its "genius" are consumed by a hellstorm of plasmatic fire.
  • The methods are too extreme: the scientist needs to be removed.
    • 66% Example (nothing) - Proto-matter is nothing to trifle with. You use this as an example for the rest of the team.
    • 33% (planet destroyed)

Rock Star[edit | edit source]

Rock star Hot Black Dizzeatto was about to complete a tour in this system when you subjugated the local government and enslaved it.

  • Let them play! Rock on!
    • 50% Rockin' (nothing) - The show rocks!
    • 25% ???
    • 25% ???
  • Demand they accompany you!
    • 75% Puppeteer (New Trait: Rocker, +1 card) - The band agrees and quickly becomes a PR puppet for the empire. You are amazed at what their fans will do!
    • 25% Riot (New Trait: Rocker, 1 ships destroyed) - The crew members of your fleet riot to see them play! Several ships collide in the ensuing chaos.
  • Take over their record deal!
    • 66% Signed (New Trait: Mogul, Tightened Grip card) - The generous terms fo the record deal make for a lucrative arrangement!
    • 33% Overdose! (New Trait: Mogul) - The band takes their signing bonuses and ODs on space drugs, FML.

Rogue Assassin[edit | edit source]

It appears your serial killer has been misbehaving. Important figures in the empire are dying in a most inconvenient and disorderly way. Something must be done!

  • (-5 Tyranny) Give him a stern lecture.
    • 25% Repentance (Draw 1 card) - For several hours you lambast the assassin over his errant ways. To your delight he offers aplogies and even gives you some information on plots against you.
    • 25% Insincerity (nothing) - For several hours you lambast the assassin over his errant ways. He pledges to do better from now on but you can't help feeling it's insincere.
    • 50% Anger (-2 Tyranny) - For several hours you lambast the assassin over his errant ways. Unrepentant, he decries his treatment and storms out of your chamber.
  • Scientist 1: Implant explosives in his brain.
    • 75% Brain Bomb (-2 Unrest) - A Tyrant knows that words mean nothing. Explosives in the neo-cortex on the other hand, work wonders! He begins behaving immediately.
    • 25% Slaughter (-5 Research) - During the procedure the assassin breaks free and kills the whole surgical staff. Sadly you are forced to terminate him for this final offense.
  • Disintegrate him.
    • 50% Emboldened (+1 Unrest) - With a heavy heart you have the assassin thrown into the disintegrator. Your enemies will be bolder now that he is gone.
    • 50% Terminated (nothing) - With a heavy heart you have the assassin thrown into the disintegrator. He was an effective tool, but outlived his usefulness.

Sentient Probe[edit | edit source]

Scouts in this system have located a damaged probe of unknown origin. Scans show that the device contains an advanced sentient AI system. What will you do with it?

  • Scientist 2: Repair AI
    • 75% Power Up (+1 Move) - Grateful at being repaired, the probe shows you how to more efficiently operate your engines.
    • 25% Hacked! (Frozen 1 turn) - Immediately upoon reactivation the probe hacks the drive system of your fleet and escapes into deep space.
  • Force it to research.
    • 60% Slave AI (gain random tech) - Slaved to your research network the AI produces a flurry of technical discovery!
    • 40% Hacked (-11-13 Research) - The AI is enraged at its treatment and immediately begins hacking all research computers. You quickly destroy it.
  • Toss it back into space.
    • 100% (nothing) - Sentient AIs are notorious fickle creatures - better to leave them be.

Serial Killer[edit | edit source]

  • Let your researchers dissect him.
    • 66% Findings (New Trait Scientist; 13 Research )
    • 33% Diced (New Trait Scientist) - The researchers set to work but discover nothing of interest. At least the authorities are pleased with the killer's gruesome end.
  • (50 Credits) Hire him as an assassin.
    • 75% Sharp Knife (+2 Unrest, New Trait: Hitman) - The new assassin sets to removing political enemies with a vicious and unrelenting glee. Perhaps a little too unrelenting... But you can't argue with results!
    • 25% Overzealous (-3 Tyranny, New Trait: Hitman) - The killer assassin sets to removing political enemies with a vicious and unrelenting glee. A bit too unrelenting for the locals who turn away grumbling.

Shapeshifter[edit | edit source]

Local police have caught a lifeform which appears to be able to change its shape at will. What will you do with it?

  • Enroll it in your secret police.
    • 66% Intelligence (1-2 cards) - The new spy is a smashing success! It reports to you on friend and foe alike without being detected.
    • 33% Infiltration (-9 Tyranny) - Enraged at its treatment, the shifter impersonates one of your guards and attacks you! You are wounded before the other guards can react.
  • Put it in a zoo.
    • 66% Exhibit (+73 Credits) - The attraction draws crowds from all over the 'verse. Your coffers fill with gold!
    • 33% Escape (+1 Unrest) - The shifter easily escapes its imprisonment and is lost in the crowds. You instantly regret angering a lifeform with the ability to penetrate any security.
  • (Destructive 1, Sadistic 1: Does it blend?
    • 80% Protein Shake (+10 Tyranny - Mmmmm delicious shapeshifter smoothie - what could be better? The peculiar properties of the creature flow through you and fill you with energy.
    • 20% Poison (-5 Tyranny) - Your body rejects the strange dna of the shapeshifter and you are left with a terrible stomach ache.

Silent Ones[edit | edit source]

Geologists investigating a series of earthquakes were surprised to find a colony of Silent Ones deep underground. An envoy of the colony makes the long trip to the surface, requesting that you attend one of their complicated religious rituals.

  • Descend into the mines
    • 60% Gems (+15 income, not tied to planet) - The ritual is stilted and bizarre but completes without incident and the miners appear pleased. They offer an unending stream of gems and metals for your participation.
    • 40% Weakness (+1 Unrest) - Catering to these dirty lifeforms makes you look weak to your generals. Unrest rises throughout the empire!
  • Locked: requires ???
  • Enslave them
    • 50% Captured (Enslaved Miners card) - Letting the mining ability of this people go to waste with their silly rituals would be a crime. Soldiers efficiently round them up for redeployment to a world that will most benefit the empire.
    • 50% Bombings (planet rebels) - Engraged by your violation of their sacred tunnels the Silent Ones plant fusion charges under all planetary garrisons and detonate them simultaneously!
  • Ignore the request
    • 50% Respect (+5 Tyranny) - A Space Tyrant doesn't pay any heed to backward peoples and their bizarre rituals. Courtiers and officers alike nod their approval.
    • 50% Ignored (nothing) - A Space Tyrant doesn't pay any heed to backward peoples and their bizarre rituals.

Space Zombie[edit | edit source]

Drifting among countless asteroids your sensors detect a functioning life pod. There appears to be a living creature inside. What will you do?

  • Thaw the creature out.
    • 30% Zombified (New trait: Curious, -20% RoF for 2 turns) - Ominous beeps and warnings chirp from your medical units - too late to warn you that there is a space zombie inside! Your entire fleet is infected with the zombie virus.
    • 47% Cash in (+50 Credits; New trait: Curious) - Inside you find a petty criminal. No one worthy of a Tyrant... but at least their bounty is.
    • 23% Officer (New trait: Curious, Commander: Ol' Boson) - From the pod steps a hardened space pirate. Betrayed and abandoned by his crew, the pirate quickly accepts your offer to join the fleet.
  • Scientist 2: Experiment on it
    • 15% ?
    • 85% Space 'Roids (+25% attack to this fleet for 4 turns) - Using the remains of the creature, your scientists create a super-serum that improves your crew, but reduces their lifespan!
  • Eject the pod.
    • 75% Spaced (nothing) - You cast the pod back into space. Better safe than sorry!
    • 25% Eruption (1 ship destroyed) - As you send it back into space, the life pod bursts open, sending the creature onto the hull of one of your ships. Before you can react the ship is destroyed!

Surrounded Ship[edit | edit source]

The fleet has surrounded a rebel who escaped in a research ship. The pilot threatens to detonate the prototype drive if you do not allow him to escape.

  • Call the bluff and attack!
    • 20% Oops! (20% HP 1 turn)
    • 60% Called (+34 Credits) - Obviously a bluff, your ships easily swoop in and destory the rebel. Some valuable equipment is recovered from the wreckage.
    • 20% Capture (Antimatter Mine card) - Your ships swoop in and easily overpower the rebel. Amazingly, the pilot's claim was true and the ship has a powerful self-destruct system. You are sure you can find a use for it.
  • Run for it!
    • 25% Lost Sleep (-9 Tyranny) - The angst of letting even one rebel get away gnaws and you and you cannot rest.
    • 75% Escape (nothing) - Discretion is the better part of valor. One rebel is not worth risking a fleet over.
  • Psionic 1: Attempt to board the ship.
    • (+1 Cruiser [or Destroyer?]) - A blast of psionic power distracts the pilot at a key moment and your space marines capture the ship!

Thrumming Sphere[edit | edit source]

Buried deep in the crust of this world you uncover a tiny alien sphere, thrumming with power. Despite its size, tests indicate that it is a shield powerful enough to protect a planet. How will you proceed?

  • (1 Crystals): Activate the device!
    • 75%: Mighty Shield (+5-8 Defense) - Waves of energy radiate from the device so powerful that you must flee the chamber.
    • 25%: Burnout (nothing) - The device glows warmly but then makes an unpleasant sound and quickly fades out. A critical component appears to have burned out and damaged the device.
  • (10 Research): Weaponize it!
    • 50% Warhead (Cap Ship Missile Card)
    • 50% Irradiated (+1 max Crystals this turn) - As your scientists are loading the sphere into a missile, they break a safeguard and are instantly killed by lethal radiation. The sphere is ruined but at least you can tap its power reserves.
  • Take the sphere for your personal protection.
    • 80% Personal Shield (+7 Tyranny) - While not the most fashionable accessory, this device is sure to protect you from the many threats of a hostile galaxy.
    • 20% ?

Time Tourist[edit | edit source]

With a sudden pop, an outlandishly dressed person appears in your audience hall, claiming to be a tourist from the future. How will you receive them?

  • Give a tour.
    • 25% Deaf Bars (-4 Tyranny - Hours are spent extolling the virtues of your mighty empire but the tourist seems unimpressed. What a waste of time!
    • 25% Bamboozled! (-19 Credits) - Midway trhough the imperial tour you realize the "tourist" has disappeared - along with several critical pieces of equipment!
    • 50% Respect (-2 Unrest) - Hours are spent extolling the virtues of your star empire and the tourist is suitably impressed. Other worlds hear of the visit and are in awe of your future majesty.
  • Throw them in jail.
    • 25% Secrets (1 free tech) - Guards quickly strip the person of all his items and throw him in a hold cell. Rigorous interrogation reveals secrets from the future.
    • 25% Escape (1 card lost) - The tourist is startled but disappears in thunderous clap, leaving you and your guards stunned.
    • 50% Charlatan (nothing) - Guards quickly strip the person of all his items and throw him in a holding cell. Unfortunately he turns out to be only a charlatan.
  • Disintegrate them.
    • 80% Zzzzt - Time travel is impossible! You waste no time disintegrating this fool.
    • 20% Time Flux (-5 Tyranny) - The problem with time travelers is... you don't know just how important they are to the space-time continuum until they're gone!

Traitors![edit | edit source]

You discover a group of traitors in your midst, actively planning against your tyranny! What will you do with them?

  • Public execution.
    • 25% Retribution (Rebellion/Battle) - Your plan backfires and the population rises up against you!
    • 25% Pacified (-1 Unrest) - The execution terrifies your opponents and pacifies the population.
    • 50% Excitement (Draw 1 card) - Nothing like an old fashioned execution to invigorate the empire!
  • (50 Credits): "Re-educate" them.
    • 75% Brainwashing (+25% Attack) - Your re-education program improves fleet efficiency in the short term.
    • 25% Nerve Staples (New Commander) - Nerve stapling worked better than ever!
  • Space 'em!
    • 80% Amused (New Trait: Sadistic) - It's always entertaining to watch people die in the vacuum of space.
    • 20% Suicide (New Trait: Sadistic 2 ships destroyed) - With the airlock in sight, the traitors use their failsafe. They sacrifice themselves to blow up a portion of your fleet!
  • Duelist 1: Duel their leader.
    • (+26 Tyranny) - With one quick strike you take down their leader. The rest of the traitors try to flee, but your troops quickly cut them down.

Underground Androids[edit | edit source]

At the lip of a promising cave you are greeted by an android race which lives there. While cordial, they refuse your requests to enter.

  • Threaten to destroy their home.
    • 20% Scraps (+11 Credits)
    • 60% Torps (1-2 cards) - Forcing your way in, you find the efficient androids already packing up and fleeing in great numbers. You do, however, find a few items worthy of a tyrant
    • 20% Trap! (2 ships destroyed) - The androids still refuse to let you in. Returning later with troops, you find they have all fled, but have laid a trap for you as a parting gift!
  • Lure them into a logic trap.
    • 33% Trickery (+6 Research) - Skillfully leading their rigid circuits into a logical trap, you trick them into revealing their technologies.
    • 50% Scoffing (nothing) - Everyone knows the best way to beat sentient computers is a logic trap! But these androids are a cut above - they scoff and turn away.
    • 17% Fatal Error (planet becomes asteroids) - The androids, after some time, figure a way out of the loop, but in doing so set off their ordnance on the planet!
  • Diplomatic 1: Take a diplomatic approach.
    • 50% Parting Gift (1 free tech) - They explain they are leaving this forsaken planet, but offer up some tech before they go.
    • 50% Abandoned Logs (1 free card)

Unexpected Wormhole[edit | edit source]

Exploring this system, you discover a hidden wormhole. Before you can take action, your fleet is pulled in!

  • Calculate Trajectory
    • 80% Transit (fleet teleported to random nearby world. If hostile they can fight and invade the world) = The wormhole spits you out in another location then collapses behind you!
    • 20% Collapse! (-1 Crystal) - As your ships cross the event horizon, the wormhole suddenly collapses! Dazed and disorganized, it takes much time and energy to get the fleet back into formation.
  • Navigator 2: Plot escape course
    • 100% (nothing) - Pulling from your previous knowledge of stellar phenomena, you calculate an escape route that leaves your fleet exactly where you started!

Unstable Wormhole[edit | edit source]

Without warning a wormhole-like anomaly appears in front of your fleet. You must act quickly to avoid disaster

  • Enter the wormhole.
    • 50% Losses (2 ships destroyed; new trait: Navigator) - The fleet successfully passes through the anomaly but some ships are lost.
    • 25% Data (1 free tech, new trait: Navigator) - Shields and hulls are battered by unfamiliar radiation but there are no losses and some interesting data was gained.
    • 25% Transit (Transported Randomly, new trait: Navigator)
  • Blast it!
    • 50% Particle Harvest (+27 Credits) - Hammering the anomaly at all angles with hard gamma rays and fusion bolts causes it to disperse. Several exotic particles are collected from the remains.
    • 25% Shockwave (-20% HP for 1 turn) - The anomaly destabilizes under the various rays and bolts from the fleet. A massive shockwave ripples across the fleet, disrupting their systems.
    • 25% Sucked In! (Transported Randomly) - Blasting the wormhole completely destabilizes it, pulling your fleet in before it completely collapses!
  • Take evasive action.
    • 75% Full Throttle (nothing) - Engines scream in protest at the desperate movement, but hold and the fleet escapes unharmed.
    • 25% Overpowered! (fleet moved to a random nearby world) - You try to avoid the wormhole, but your engines can't keep your fleet from being sucked in!

Venutian Ambassador[edit | edit source]

Zardoz, Ambassador of the mighty Venutian Syndicate enters your throne room. How will you receive this esteemed visitor?

  • (100 Credits) Form an alliance with the Venutian Syndicate. For a fee, of course.
    • 70% Allied (New Trait: Diplomatic, new Commander) - The Venutian Ambassador happily accepts your proposal! A fleet commander is immediately dispatched to your empire.
    • 15% Failure After plying the Ambassador with expensive gifts and promises he remains unconvinced. The Syndicate will not join you.
    • 15% Mockery! (New Trait: Diplomatic, +1 Unrest) - The Syndicate keeps a long record of your actions trying to court them. They use this to create a galaxy-wide media takedown, showing how weak you are.!
  • Seize the Ambassador and hold him for ransom
    • 60% Ransom (+73 Credits) - Your guards toss the seething Ambassador into a holding field. Rage as he might, the Syndicate will still pay.
    • 30% ???
    • 10% ???
  • (1 Crystals) Attempt to drain their life force.
    • 66% Last Words (+18 Tyranny; New Trait: Sadistic) - With monumental effort the Ambassador curses you with his final breath. Was a few years of life worth the wrath of the Syndicate? Time will tell...
    • 33% Rescue! (+1 Unrest ; New Trait: Sadistic) - As you attempt to take the ambassador to the draining station, Venutians attack your guards, and escape. You know this won't end well for you!

Warring Factions[edit | edit source]

Two factions are engaged in a savage little war on this planet. Neither side will yield until the other is wiped out.

  • Broadcast the conflict.
    • 50% Hit Series (New Trait: Mogul; +35-38 Credits) - The war is adapted into a dramatic miniseries which turns out to be a hit! Many of your subjects are now thinking of starting their own wars.
    • 30% Flop (New Trait: Mogul) - The war is adapted into a dramatic miniseries which flops. Critics said it didn't have enough sex.
    • 20% Backlash (+1 Unrest, New Trait: Mogul) - You completely misread what the denizens of the galaxy want in their entertainment; garnering a backlash against the broadcast!
  • Favor one side.
    • 40% Enlist (2x Cruiser) - Favoring one side quickly decides the conflict and the other is wiped out. Grateful, the winners offer to join your fleet.
    • 40% Assistance (draw 2 cards) - Favoring one side quickly decides the conflict and the other is wiped out. Grateful, the winners assist you in your plans.
    • 20% Intervention (-20% HP for 1 turn) - Favoring one side just drags things out and your fleet is forced to intervene directly, taking serious damage.
  • Kill them both.
    • 66% Merciless (new trait: Destructive) - Only the Tyrant can make war! Both sides are annihilated from orbit.
    • 33% Iron Fist (new trait: Destructive, Planet Attribute: Fortified) - Only the Tyrant can make war! Both sides are annihilated from orbit and the planet is safer for it.
  • Mogul 2: Launch a multimedia franchise!
    • (+223 Credits) - Through a multi-pronged marketing campaign, you create a TV show, game, and novels that takes the galaxy by storm!