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Fleets are your unit groups that move around the map to conquer planets.

Commanders[edit | edit source]

Main article: Commanders

Each unit group has a commander, and the maximum size of the fleet is based on that commander's rank. You start each mission with a single commander, the Overlord you selected for that mission. Additional commanders can be acquired by conquering a Prison world for the first time, or hired from your home planet for 300 credits.

Each commander type also has a unique power that can be used in battle for energy. This power regenerates on a timer and does not require inspiration.

Commanders gain 1 xp each time they win a battle. Certain Artifacts and Cards can also award xp.

Ships[edit | edit source]

Ship sizes[edit | edit source]

Each fleet has a number of squares that can be filled with individual ships. The number of squares available is based on the commander's level. Larger ships take up more squares than smaller ships, but are often more powerful.

  • Small - takes up 1 square
  • Medium - takes up 2 squares
  • large - takes up 4 squares (2x2)

Types of ships[edit | edit source]

There are 6 types of ships, Frigates, Destroyers, Cruisers, Carriers, Battleships, and Dreadnaughts (battleships and dreadnaughts may also be referred to as "Capital Ships"). Each faction has one of each type of ship, with abilities and upgrades that fit the theme of that faction.

Frigates and Destroyers[edit | edit source]

Frigates and destroyers are small ships that are cheap and disposable. They all have the same ability, Volley, which fires an extra round of shots.

Cruisers[edit | edit source]

Cruisers are medium-sized well-rounded ships.

They can also use ,"Bulwark" which allows them to self repair. Once the "Guardian" tech upgrade has been acquired, they will heal other ships in your fleet as well.

Carriers[edit | edit source]

Carrier are special ships that do not directly fire, but instead send out squads of tiny fighters to attack enemy ships, dealing damage over time. Fighters are not fired upon directly, but can be destroyed by flak (a ship's passive anti-fighter measures, which can be upgraded on some ships), opposing fighters, and the "Clear Sky" fleet tactic. Slugs are the exception to some of these rules - their carrier is large and has its own weapons in addition to fighters.

Battleships and Dreadnaughts[edit | edit source]

Also known as capital ships, these two can take and deal much more damage than smaller ships, and have devastating abilities. These two ship types are not available by default, and must be unlocked by completing objectives during a campaign, after which they will be available in future campaigns. Both of these ships are large for every faction except the slugs, who have a medium battleship.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Each ship has 7 stats: Weapon, Damage, Fire Rate, Health, Shields, Cost, and a hidden stat, Evasion.

  • Weapon: the type of weapon the ship has. It can be one of:
    • Blaster: Fires several plasma-based projectiles.
    • Missile: Fires several missiles that do (?)% less damage against shields.
    • Beam: A single beam that does not miss.
  • Damage: how much damage the weapon will deal. For ships that fire multiple projectiles, this is divided evenly among all the projectiles. For example, if the ship has 100 damage and has a blaster that shoots 5 projectiles, each projectile deals 20 damage.
  • Fire Rate: the amount of time the ship will wait between firing volleys
  • Health: the ship's max health. It dies if this reaches 0
  • Shields: a damage-absorbing shield on the ship that regenerates at a rate of (?). Most ships do not have a shield.
  • Cost: how many Creditscredits it costs to build this ship in a shipyard.
  • Evasion: the chance that an opposing ship will miss when firing at this ship. Evasion is out of 100, so +30 evasion means +30% chance for the shot to miss. Against weapons that fire multiple shots, this is calculated per-shot.

Ships by faction[edit | edit source]

Hoplite Clans[edit | edit source]

Ship Weapon Damage Fire Rate Health Shields Evasion Cost
Hoplite frigate.png Frigate Blaster 60 5s 187 25 20
Hoplite destroyer.png Destroyer Missile 44 5s 437 15 40
Hoplite cruiser.png Cruiser Missile 135 5s 750 10 80
Hoplite carrier.png Carrier - - - 450 10 60
Hoplite battleship.png Battleship Blaster 258 5.5s 1812 5 160
Hoplite dreadnaught.png Dreadnaught Beam 330 5s 2633 5 300

Bzzerk Union[edit | edit source]

Ship Weapon Damage Fire Rate Health Shields Evasion Cost
Bzzerk frigate.png Frigate Beam 54 7s 125 30 15
Bzzerk destroyer.png Destroyer Blaster 27 5s 312 20 30
Bzzerk cruiser.png Cruiser Beam 100 7s 450 10 60
Bzzerk carrier.png Carrier - - - 475 10 80
Bzzerk battleship.png Battleship Blaster 204 5s 1062 200 5 120
Bzzerk dreadnaught.png Dreadnaught Blaster 270 5s 1500 375 5 220

Techno Slug Party[edit | edit source]

Ship Weapon Damage Fire Rate Health Shields Evasion Cost
Slug frigate.png Frigate Blaster 48 6s 81 75 30 25
Slug destroyer.png Destroyer Blaster 26 6s 212 188 20 50
Slug cruiser.png Cruiser Blaster 154 5s 393 350 10 100
Slug carrier.png Carrier Blaster 92 5s 425 400 10 180
Slug battleship.png Battleship Blaster 216 5s 500 450 5 220
Slug dreadnaught.png Dreadnaught Blaster 252 5s 1187 900 5 400

Astron Republic[edit | edit source]

Ship Weapon Damage Fire Rate Health Shields Evasion
Frigate Blaster 69 5s 218 30
Destroyer Blaster 42 5s 546 20
Cruiser 10
Carrier 765 10
Battleship 5
Dreadnaught 5