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As cold and hard as the rocks from which their ships are made. Hoplites excel at both space and ground combat.
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The Hoplite Clans, also known as the Hoplite Dynasty are one of the playable empires in Space Tyrant. They are a short-tempered group of humanoid cyborg rabbits. Their ships are tough and focus on survivability, persisting to continue their assault on the enemy.

The Hoplite Clans are unlocked by default.

Strengths and weaknesses[edit | edit source]

Strengths Weaknesses
Strongest ships Reduced hand size (Max 3 cards at end of turn)
Improved invasion die (1-6) Reduced tech choices (only 2 or 3)

Overlords[edit | edit source]

Ships[edit | edit source]

Capital ships[edit | edit source]

Capital ships are unlocked by:

Stats[edit | edit source]

Ship Weapon Damage Fire Rate Health Shields Evasion Cost
Hoplite frigate.png Frigate Blaster 60 5s 187 25 20
Hoplite destroyer.png Destroyer Missile 44 5s 437 15 40
Hoplite cruiser.png Cruiser Missile 135 5s 750 10 80
Hoplite carrier.png Carrier - - - 450 10 60
Hoplite battleship.png Battleship Blaster 258 5.5s 1812 5 160
Hoplite dreadnaught.png Dreadnaught Beam 330 5s 2633 5 300

Cards[edit | edit source]

Base[edit | edit source]

2 Arena Deathmatch
+5 Tyranny
3 Black Ops
Gain 3 Cards for -2 Defense
2 Bully
Sacrifice -1 RP income for an immediate +5 RP
2 Combat Simulation
Increase a fleet leader's XP by 1.
2 Deep Space Probe
Reveal a planet and its neighbors.
2 Forced Labor
City gains +20 Credit income and Decaying
1 Landing Party
Allows an additional planet exploration
2 Marine Detachment
Add 1 Carrier to a fleet.
2 Mercenaries
Gain 1 Invasion Die for this turn.
2 Mobilize
Gain 4 Destroyers for -2 Planet Defense
1 Orbital Strike
-2 Defense to a sieged planet.
2 Recall
Teleport a fleet back to your homeworld.
2 Renewed Assault
Allow a planet to be sieged again.
2 Reserve Tank
Allow a spent fleet to move again.
2 Scapegoat
-2 Unrest.
1 Secret Police
+3 Defense to a controlled planet.
1 Strike Patrol
Add 2 Frigates to a fleet.
2 Tachyon Torpedoes
Destroy 2 enemy ships.
2 Tamper
Add Erratic to a Crystal World
1 Tightened Grip
+15 Credits/Turn for 4 turns.
1 Weapon Test
+2 Research

Unlocks[edit | edit source]

3 Antimatter Mine
Reduce enemy fleet HP by 20%.
2 Atomic Atrocity
Destroy and capture any sieged planet.
3 Burrow Down
+3 Defense to planet and each neighbor.
3 Cannon Fodder
Deal 1 Damage to a Sieged planet for each planet you control.
3 Cap Ship Missile
Destroy one capital ship
1 Core Implosion
Destroy 1 enemy ship and gain 1 card.
5 Decimate
Destroy all frigates and destroyers in an enemy fleet.
3 Engineer Corps
+50 Credits and -1 Siege for 2 turns
2 Fast Refit
Add 1 Cruiser to a fleet.
4 Field Promotion
Increase a fleet leaders level by 1
4 From the Ashes
Destroy a lab to gain a Battleship
1 Fusion Mine
Reduce enemy fleet HP by 10%.
3 Great Purge
+10 Tyranny
3 Hyperspace Nuke
-2 Defense to any planet
4 Intimidate
-4 Unrest.
2 Medal of Valor
Increase a fleet leader's XP by 2
2 New Recruits
Sacrifice -3 planet Defense to gain +20% Fleet Def
3 Orbital Bombardment
-4 Defense to a sieged planet.
4 Overdrive
Spent fleet can move again and gains +25% Rate of Fire
5 Patriotic Fervor
Fill an entire fleet with Destroyers
1 Personnel Transfer
+2 Defense to a controlled planet and +1 Card.
3 Rallying Cry
+2 Defense to all planets
1 Roid Rage
Friendly fleet gains +20% damage for 2 turns
3 Salvage Teams
+3 RP for each planet captured this turn
3 Steal Technology
Gain 1 Tech at random.
3 Survey Team
Planet exploration with an increased chance to unlock a Power
2 Tachyon Torpedoes II
Destroy 3 enemy ships.
3 Volunteer Crews
Add 1 Cruiser to a fleet for every Siege Die.