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Planets (also referred to as Worlds) are the spaces on the map your fleets can move to. Once conquered, they provide varying effects, with the exception of Asteroids, which have no value beyond location.

Mines, cannons, and forges will sometimes have a Monster orbiting them, making them difficult targets.

Types of planets[edit | edit source]

Homeworld[edit | edit source]

Your starting planet. Allows hiring of militia commanders. You will fail your current mission if the senate conquers this. Capturing an enemy homeworld does not mean an instant victory (except in a War mission), but does stop their research and diminishes their fleet creation.

City[edit | edit source]

Provides credits each turn. Can be oppressed to increase its income by 15.

City planet.jpg

Mine[edit | edit source]

Provides a lot of credits each turn.

Trade[edit | edit source]

Provide 5 credits for each world you control, including itself and the homeworld.

Trade planet.jpg

Lab[edit | edit source]

Provides research each turn.

Interlink[edit | edit source]

Provide more research the more interlinks you control. Each node's income is equal to the number of nodes controlled times 4. So if you control 4 interlink nodes, each one will provide 16 research per turn.

Interlink planet.jpg

Crystal[edit | edit source]

Increases your max crystal count, allowing you to play more cards.

Crystal planet.jpg

Prison[edit | edit source]

When conquered for the first time, you receive an additional commander for that mission. There is always a prison planet near your homeworld.

Barracks[edit | edit source]

Each captured Barracks world adds an additional siege die.

Cannon[edit | edit source]

Can be manually fired at nearby neutral or hostile fleets, (exact range unconfirmed) to destroy two random ships, or at Monsters to damage them slightly for that turn.

Forge[edit | edit source]

Reduces the cost of building ships.

Primordial[edit | edit source]

Provides a small amount of credits and increases research income by 10%.

Jack-o-planet[edit | edit source]

Only appears if you have equip and artifact for it. It has a special "Trick" ability where you can pay 100 Credits to get a random ship. The ship can be medium or large and can be from any faction, even the Astrons.